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Reviewed May 30, 2013

4 Responses to “Store”

  1. Anne Simard says:

    Could we have a summary of what these books (include on this site), Like a table of contents? Just so we know that what we are buying meets our needs

    • David Berman says:

      Anne, that makes so much sense. Thank you: We’ll get to work on adding proper summaries for each book! However, if you’d like we’ll also be pleased to give you a call and walk through what we have so you can decide which are the best fit for you?

  2. Catherine McGerray says:


    One of our Subject Selectors attended a session held by David Berman. She is interested in purchasing both a print and e-book of The New Standard on Accessibility WCAG 2.0. Is there a discount for attending the session.

    With regards to the e-book. Once the purchase has been made is a link then sent to us or how do we get access?

    Is PayPal your only option of payment?


    Catherine McGerray

    • David Berman says:

      Hi and thank you for being in touch.
      Our manuals are available at amazon.ca or amazon.com or our own http://www.davidberman.com store … at which you can use the Paypal purchasing option to buy using Paypal or any major credit card.

      However, if someone attends our course and wants to use a discount code they received for a manual for their personal use, it’s best they go to our generic http://www.davidberman.com/pay page, where they can simply describe what they are buying and pay there (if so, please don’t forget to add the $20 for shipping to Canada or USA).

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