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David Berman keynotes at 2015 Plain conference: e-Accessibility: Leaving no one behind online

2015 Plain Conference
Dublin, Ireland | September 2015 (42:53)

David Berman keynotes at agIdeas Melbourne: Making The Planet Your Client: Designing Sustainability

agIdeas International Design Week
Melbourne, Australia | May 2012 (4:40)

Weapons of Mass Deception: Good design and doing good

State of Design Festival, BMW Edge, Federation Square
Melbourne, Australia | July 2009 (30:46)
(Video: courtesy SLOW-TV)
Design thought leader David Berman discusses the power and effectiveness of good design, and therefore the need to incorporate notions of social responsibility into design principles.

David Berman on Sustainable Design Thinking Strategy

Norwegian Design Council
Oslo, Norway | September 2011 (49:15)

Web Accessibility Matters: Why Should We Care


Web Accessibility Matters: Why Should We Care (with Audio Description)

PeachpitTV: David Berman Discusses the PlayPump

PeachpitTV: Cradle to Cradle with David Berman

PeachpitTV: The Do Good Design Pledge with David Berman

PeachpitTV: Do Good Design with David Berman

Greetings from Doha

Mousharaka: Doha Design Week
Doha, Qatar | 2009
(Video: Zelda Harrison)

David Berman speaks at Icograda design week 2006 Hong Kong: How Logo Can We Go?

Icograda Design Week
Hong Kong | 2006
(Video: Don Ryun Chang, Editing: Dan Hayes)

David Berman speaks at Nortel 2006: Expect the Unexpected

Nortel Networks Inc
Ottawa, Canada | 2006
(Video: Patrick Cunningham, Editing: Dan Hayes)

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Reviewed July 26, 2011

2 Responses to “See David”

  1. Hello David,

    I came across your work through the folks from the Carleton Accessibility Summit. I think we speak the language when it comes to accessibility, sustainability and social responsibility. (I host a weekly TV show Canada in Perspective on AMI-tv. The show looks at issues of today through the lens of disability. It gives people who are often on the margins, a platform to share their stories.) I am working on a documentary project “Talent Untapped,” to create a tool to foster more inclusive work places and to shine the light on the tremendous value of workers with disabilities. I hope you can take three minutes to view the preview. http://talentuntapped.org

    I am a currently seeking corporate sponsors to help me complete this important film project. My partner include: Export Development Canada, Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care and Sodexo Canada. EDC has never before sponsored a crowd funded project, nor has it ever donated to a cause outside of foreign relief. The head of human resources told me that Talent Untapped will be used to help them with their strategic recruitment and to help them become a more inclusive employer. Now that’s progressive thinking.

    David, if you see value in this project, perhaps we can talk this week. you can reach me at 613-808-8299

    kind regards, Anna-Karina Tabunar

    • David Berman says:

      Anna, it was wonderful speaking to you this past Saturday. Everyone should see the trailer! Have we succeeded yet in making the kickstarter goal this week? Last time I checked it was close to 90%!

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