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Custom Training and Coaching

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Custom Training

We can also provide remote or on-site half-day, full-day or multi-day customized learning events for your entire team (including a keynote for senior executives and managers, the return on investment, an overview of the most common issues, best practices, and a complete review of how to comply with the relevant standards for those who need that level of detail.)

For such a learning event, we encourage you to consider inviting executives, task force members, administrators, content contributors, as well as a sampling of content owners, editors, developers, and other stakeholders. Or possibly representatives from your third-party collaborators, such as your advertising agency.

Such immersion also provides orientation benefits:
-gives a more precise framework
-gets a critical mass of your community equipped with a common vocabulary
-provides the option of a “kick-off” event (including that a senior executive could open the event with introductory remarks)
-builds buy-in for the approach becoming how you “roll”
-provides David and his team with a deep immersion into the ecosystem of issues, dynamics, vocabulary, and current learning levels of your group
-allows us to test customization if we will be providing the event more than once in your organization

We can bring our courses on-site to you, or develop training carefully tailored to your learning outcomes. For example, we’ll often bring our web accessibility courses on-site, customizing so it will be all about the site or product your team is working on. The result is that your team learns a common approach together while ending the day with solutions to problems they were already working on solving.

Our custom training clients include Honda, the National Research Council, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, the Association of Manitoba Archivists, the Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba, and the Center for Plain Language.

Fee guarantee: If, after we work together with you to customize this event to match your stated goals, you don’t believe we have substantively delivered appropriate training, then you will not be required to pay our fee.

Private coaching

Our typical offering is a half-day course (live online) where we can teach a group of people our offered custom content. 

We also provide one-on-one coaching on pretty well all of our course topics (and even some we don’t have courses on, such as one-on-one JAWS training).

We now offer basic ASL one-on-one, by the hour, online or in-person coaching.

For example, a one-on-one or group coaching package with a specific learning outcome would include:

  • a teleconsultation session with us where we assess your goals, needs, current level of knowledge, experience, and language requirements
  • up to three hours of coaching, where we move through all the steps (e.g. for accessible video training we would teach you the entire process of making a video accessible) on the platform of your choice
  • access to our specific recipes regarding the course topic (e.g. how to make videos accessible)

This package typically costs $495/person (group rates available). You could also then buy additional hours of consulting or coaching as needed.

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Reviewed August 3, 2016

2 Responses to “Custom Training and Coaching”

  1. Hi David, I attended your web accessibility workshop in Toronto recently. We are going through an interesting transition at my new job, and possibly rebuilding our website. We have a team of about 17 writers, developers, media artists, and medical illustrators. I’m curious about the cost and logistics of bringing you in to do a workshop. Is full day the only format?

    Thank you!


    • David Berman says:

      Hi Genevieve, it’s very good to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed our event. It would be an honour to bring a workshop to Sick Kids. To answer your question, full day is not our only format: that’s just typical for our public workshops. We have provided events in Toronto for an hour, for a half-day, for full-day, and for multiple days … depending on the needs of the client. We can focus on Web accessibility, or broaden to include related topics over several days, including related topics such as Web strategy, information design. When would be best for our representative be in touch with you? We’d like to have a phone chat to explore what would the best options?

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