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Software / Web Development

Are you looking for a perfect fit in an off-the-shelf world?

For those who find that their existing code only covers only 90% of your needs, consider custom development, whether for the Web or standalone apps. Mixing off-the-shelf modules with custom modifications has large advantages over developing a custom system from scratch.

We’ve produced custom solutions for the Auditor-General of Canada, Abbott Laboratories, ACS Imaging, Agriculture Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada Revenue Agency, City of Guelph, Corel, Desktop Technologies, Digital Graphics, Intuit, Missouri Credit Union, Newcourt Financial, Occidental Petroleum, Roanoke Times, Sprintout Corporation, and many others… and we can do it for you.

You’ll benefit by:

  • getting just what you need: we’ll work with your internal resources so you only outsource what can’t be done internally
  • not reinventing the wheel
  • vastly reducing testing cycles
  • having comprehensive documentation
  • staying on a less expensive upgrade path
  • having universal design built-in from the start
  • developing upon a content management platform that your team may already be familiar with, such as WordPress

We’ll discuss your needs with you in detail, then forward a detailed proposal along with a guaranteed firm price. Once we receive your go-ahead, features are programmed to your specification. After extensive internal testing, you receive a version for your approval. Any requested adjustments are made promptly. You can then proceed to use the new features immediately.

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Reviewed August 24, 2005

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