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Web & New Media Design

“I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Berman as a website developer and designer. He has the background, expertise and creativity to effectively manage the current issues and trends in website design. Mr. Berman certainly has my recommendation based on the quality work he did in the development of the website for Aga Khan Foundation Canada.”

– Nazeer Aziz Ladhani, Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Foundation

“Thank you so much for your generous donation to our Web site! It’s so wonderful to work with people who are personally committed to our work.”

– Sam McGavin, Inter Pares

Specific strategy, consistency, effective information design and quality control are the cornerstones of effective Web site development. The most innovative design is at risk if it is not produced within a culture of excellent project management. Our approach to quality assurance all points to projects being delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Our systems are so celebrated that other organizations often employ us to teach our methods of delivering results. EVENTS SCHEDULE

David Berman has worked extensively in the adaptation of printed materials for electronic distribution, including Web design (Web sites, Flash applications, screen savers, accessible PDF), software interface development and expert level work in portable document formats. We are skilled with Acrobat and advanced PDF applications.

David brings both graphic design and robust information management expertise to our projects. He worked in the federal government as a computer systems analyst before turning his hobby of graphic design into a career.

David has managed numerous Web projects, including strategy and design for second generation Internet and intranet sites for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Industry Canada, and many other public, private sector and non-profit organizations. More recent Web-related projects include those for CCRA, Department of Canadian Heritage, CMHC, Health Canada, IBM, Inter Pares, NRCan, NRC, Statistics Canada, and the Treasury Board Secretariat.

We also have experience with usability testing for Health Canada, CISTI the library at the NRC, and CMHC. In addition, we have experience with accessibility testing for IBM, Statistics Canada, and Health Canada, as well as private sector clients.

Web and New Media Process Methodology

Web Project Examples:

Blue accessibility training and testing for CLF and Section 508 compliance (for eXplorance) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Web presence strategy (for Canada Revenue Agency) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Census Online 2006 strategy, graphic design, accessibility testing (for Statistics Canada, IBM) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Civilization.ca strategy (for Canadian Museum of Civilization) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

CISTI Web site usability testing (for National Research Council of Canada) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Culture.ca strategy, branding, art direction, custom typography (for Department of Canadian Heritage)

Culturemondo.org strategic coaching, branding, art direction, project management (for Department of Canadian Heritage)

Culturescope.ca branding, visual identity (for Department of Canadian Heritage)

Forum of Federations Web site strategy, design, programming, maintenance, integration with new identity and magazine redesign [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Health Canada public site strategy, branding, information design, graphic design, writing, adaptation, programming (for Health Canada) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

HR Online intranet branding, information design, graphic design (Canadian Central Mortage and Housing Corporation)

HRCS intranet strategic coaching, branding, information design, graphic design (for Treasury Board of Canada)

Inter Pares Web site strategy, information design, graphic design, usability testing, programming, maintenance (for Inter Pares) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

National Research Council Web site strategy, CLF and accessibility training (for National Research Council of Canada) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Office of Energy Efficiency Web site strategy, graphic design, programming (for Natural Resources Canada) [ opens in a new browser windowView site]

Training and Guidance Web site strategy, information design, programming (for Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)

Statistics Canada Web presence strategy, project management training opens in a new browser windowView site]

Transportation portal branding, graphic design (for Transport Canada)

Multimedia / Software Project Examples:

Blue Ribbon electronic wallpaper (Health Canada)

Blue Ribbon self-print stickers (Health Canada)

Blue Ribbon rap song (Health Canada)

Environmental Farm Plan Workbook CD-ROM (Alberta Environmental Farm Program, Government of Alberta)

Lung Cancer and Natal Smoking interactive Flash animations (Health Canada)

Ontario Environmental Farm Plan Workbook CD-ROM (Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition, OSCIA, OMAFRA, Government of Ontario, Agriculture Canada)

Smokefree Spaces CD-ROM (Health Canada)

Y2Quit screen saver (Health Canada)

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Reviewed May 25, 2012

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