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Document and Multimedia Remediation (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, LiveCycle Designer / AEM Forms Designer, HTML, EPUB, multimedia)

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Remediation: documents and multimedia

When a document, video, or sound file is not sufficiently accessible for persons living with disabilities (we can also help you determine, on a case-by-case basis, if that’s so and what your options are), remediation work is the next step to meet or exceed accessibility standards. Whether your team, our team, or a combination will do the work, we can help get it done … without tradeoffs. (We also have similar services for auditing or remediating websites and apps.)

Standards and regulations we target:

  • PDF/UA
  • EPUB (IDPF EPUB Accessibility Guidelines)
  • WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 Level A, Level AA, Level AAA
  • ADA
  • Revised Section 508 (aka 2017 Refresh)
  • Ontario’s AODA
  • Government of Canada’s Standard of Web Accessibility
  • EU’s WAD (Standard EN 301 549 from Mandate 376)
  • Norway’s Discrimination and Accessibility Act Section 14

We’ll fix it … or teach you how: your choice

Many firms hire us in this way: they get coached to become fully self-sufficient in creating accessible PDF and EPUB files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, or LiveCycle Designer / AEM Forms Designer, while also knowing they have the safety net where we can finish remediation for them in complex cases where they can’t solve all the issues alone. Because we’re also designers, we understand the language of intrigue as well as the language of the development process. Typically, our clients buy a coaching retainer of a half-day to two days, and then we use it up as needed via a mix of phone calls, telecoaching, screen sharing, and emails.

We’ll also fix related issues if you’d like. For example, if your static or dynamic PDF from LiveCycle Designer / AEM Forms Designer is not saveable by your audience in Adobe Reader, we can fix that too. Need accessible digital signature functionality? We’ve got your back. Need a form that changes from letter to legal size on the fly? Need input from a filled HTML form to result in a gorgeous accessible custom PDF emailed to your customer in multiple languages? With our experience in developing custom Office and PDF publishing solutions for our clients, we have many techniques to help you think through the most efficient way to sustainably and effectively produce your documents.

For multimedia (such as video or sound files), we provide captioning and our transcription consulting and services, as needed. We can even make SCORM accessible for your LMS.

We can also provide a learning guide from our public courses, as well as optional guidance on integrating procedures into your organization that promote best practices going forward for development and quality assurance.

On-demand conversion

We provide a variety of on-demand conversions of documents (such as legal documents, leases, notices, correspondence, agreements, marketing materials, and business cards) and multimedia to a variety of accessible formats … and in languages and alphabets from around the world, including:

  • Large-print editions of printed documents
  • Braille editions of documents
  • Captioning of audio files (into all popular formats, with option to manage online uploads for you)
  • Captioning of video files (into all popular formats, with option to manage online uploads for you)
  • Audio description augmentation of video files
  • Descriptive text transcripts of audio files
  • Descriptive text transcripts of video files
  • Accessible electronic documents in all major formats (including dynamic pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, HTML, EPUB, ODF)

We are pleased to provide a guaranteed price and delivery on every project, upon inspection of your source documents. We also provide consultation on how to best structure your materials to sustainably minimize conversion costs. Small and medium documents and multimedia are turned around within 6 working days under our standard rates. Guaranteed quicker deliver (as fast as overnight) may command a premium of 25%, 50%, or 100%, depending upon circumstances.


When remediation is complete, we rigorously test against the standards, and can provide a confidential audit report and Compliance Opinion Letter, accompanied by a Compliance Certificate and license to use our compliance mark, as warranted.

Our letter and certificate reference the audit date and attest to the degree of compliance achieved with regard to the standards being tested. Each document is suitable for presenting to auditors or visitors, and all other aspects of the W3C’s WCAG-EM evaluation methodology for WCAG.

We can also present or interpret our results in person (for example, to senior management or as an expert witness) if you require.

We can also provide built environment audits (as a separate full proposal for a given property), and website accessibility audits your tenant portal website) and related remediation coaching for your development team. If you would like full proposals on either we can arrange an interview to discover the scope.

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Reviewed July 15, 2017