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Software Development

David Berman Developments Inc. helps industry manage time and resources more efficiently and sustainably. Our most recent proud product is GO-CALC, a web-based tool that helps farmers predict their greenhouse gas reduction impact when planning upgrades to their facilities. This follows working with the award-winning Environmental Farm Plan on online tools for family farms, developed for governments in multiple provinces, for over two decades.

Going back to 1987, we were the first to apply relational database power to the management of custom projects in an easily-customized off-the-shelf package called TimeWise, and more recently released TimeTo™ software for personal time and priority management.

We have developed custom ribbons for Microsoft Word, and custom search engines for websites for clients such as Inter Pares and the Forum of Federations. Our firm has also developed a variety of other custom programming solutions, specializing in Web, accessible dynamic forms scripting, database, and custom installers (InstallShield).

We have helped with the development, UX (and marketing) of Google Marketplace add-ons for both Google Contacts (CoContacts) and Google Docs (GrackleDocs) and other forms of advanced Google Script coding.

We have also guided our clients on ethical search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques for their sites.

We have created dynamic HTML-based forms that, once filled, results in the user being emailed a graphically-rich accessible PDF file customized based up their answers (and including all of their responses) using Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and the FormidablePro2PDF library for WordPress.

David Berman studied computer systems design and development at the University of Waterloo and used his training in the federal government before opening his firm in 1984.

Combining successful business processes with IT knowledge and excellence in interface design has resulted in a string of off-the-shelf and custom software successes.

Our software is in use on 5 continents, in over 50 countries, with users spanning governments, Fortune 500 companies, and small business, as well as individuals. We specialize in implementation accessibility and official language standards.

“I’m really impressed with your customer service. It’s the best I’ve ever encountered in the software industry.”

– John G. Gutting, Ph.D., Athenaeum of Ohio, Cincinnati

Some of our custom software development clients:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • ACS Inc.
  • Auditor-General of Canada
  • City of Vancouver
  • Government of Alberta
  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Ontario
  • Health Canada
  • Intuit Corporation
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association

Source code is held in escrow.

We are a Microsoft Partner Program Registered Member.

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Reviewed September 26, 2010

3 Responses to “Software Development”

  1. Rama Bariya says:

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information, its help me a lot you explain in details about software development. Keep sharing and update us.

  2. Joe Schroer says:

    TIMETO support. Please respond ASAP!

    I am a long-time user of TimeTo. Yesterday, April 13, I started up TimeTo and rather than the data that I have been using for the last year, an old data file started up. I couldn’t get my current data back into the program. I restored the data from my daily backup, and still the old data appeared in the program. I uninstalled TimeTo, and I deleted every TimeTo file and folder I could. After reinstalling the program and starting it up, it still found an old data file. This has happened to me once before several years ago, I think, and I ended up just having to delete all the old information and starting from scratch. How can I find out where the application is finding this file so that I can delete this file once and for all. This is really annoying because I started trusting this program and am using this rather than Outlook for my scheduling! Incidentally, nothing else on my computer has been affected, everything else is working properly. So I haven’t a clue why this happened.

    Joe Schroer

    • steven@davidberman.com says:

      Hi Joe. Thank you for interacting with TimeTo support yesterday to completely resolve this problem. We’re pleased that your now pleased again!

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