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Coaching and Facilitation

“Love it! Fun, with purpose towards a goal.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

“Most focussed facilitator I’ve experienced.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

“Very good, very focused, fun and engaging.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

“Those participating gained knowledge of others and big picture ideas.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

David Berman is a National Professional Member of the
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the
Global Speakers Federation (GSF) (IFPS).

David has facilitated celebrated multi-day group events of over 50 participants, as well as tight consensus-building working groups of a dozen or less people. He has presented ideas to audiences of over 500 or provided mediation for groups of five or less.

David Berman’s approach to designing solutions begins with why rather than how, deeply exploring basic premises before pointing toward the tactics and tools you need to succeed in fulfilling your strategic objectives. David insists on a clear statement of what success will look like in terms of business results before beginning to choose tactics. Adjusting your aim is relatively simple before you shoot the arrow, while redirecting the arrow later is usually difficult or impossible. Based on the discipline that comes with almost twenty years of solving communications challenges, we seek to avoid guesswork through focusing on results and creative problem-solving.

We listen carefully, then work with you to develop measurable objectives and map out a strategic approach based on proven communications principles and a disciplined methodology. We promote research and awareness of your position in the minds of the audiences whose actions you wish to influence, then craft powerful message delivery mechanisms for each audience.

The process of developing strategy can either be facilitated by us, or we can provide coaching and/or training to someone on your team to develop a strategy for your project. Often, an onsite or offsite session on strategic process is valuable for entire client stakeholder groups, giving everyone a common framework and vocabulary to work within, while establishing buy-in for the process.

Our satisfied clients for strategic services include Canada’s two largest e-government sites: CCRA and Statistics Canada, as well as Carleton University, CEAA, Health Canada, Inter Pares, the National Research Council, and Treasury Board of Canada.

“Very skilled.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)


– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

“Excellent – kept my attention and energy.”

– historicplaces.ca (Parks Canada)

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Reviewed July 26, 2011

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