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Wheel Of Conscience (Studio Daniel Libeskind)

“None is too many.”

– Canadian Minister of Immigration Frederick Charles Blair, when asked how many Jews should be allowed into Canada during the Second World War


“…there are a lot of things that need healing from then and there are still things that need healing now and we can never sit back and say oh we’ve solved the problem of hatred…”

– David Berman

Hear David’s post-unveiling interview from Halifax on CBC Radio’s All In A Day, Jan 20 2011 [3.47 mp3 (7:35)]

Hear the Libeskind interview from CBC Radio’s As It Happens, Jan 12 2011 [extract: 8mb mp3 (8:10) | or full episode: CBC streaming clip (interview starts 10:20 in)]


Project Study:

Reknowned architect Daniel Libeskind selected David Berman to develop and produce the graphic design and typography for the Wheel Of Conscience, Canada’s national monument in memorial to the passengers of the 937 passengers of the M.S. St. Louis, to be housed at Canada’s Pier 21 immigration museum in Halifax, and a project of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Trevor Johnston assisted immeasurably with typography, production, and photo manipulation. Archivist Shirley Berman provided proofreading and additional research. Ben Armitage worked on photo rights and research. Together with Mosun in Toronto, we are very proud of the opportunity to help fulfill Daniel’s vision for the monument.


Press coverage:

“From Daniel Libeskind, a machine of shame”, Globe and Mail, January 20 2011

“None is too many: Memorial for Jews turned away from Canada in 1939”, National Post, January 17 2001

“Libeskind memorial to Jews reject in Halifax unveiled”, CBC News Web site January 20, 2011

“Halifax gets a conscience”, Halifax Magazine, January 20 2011

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Reviewed January 21, 2011

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