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“So Near, And Yet So Far”


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We worked with a remarkable team of people to help bring this beautiful idea for a children’s book to reality: a book about the story of the tragic journey of the MS St. Louis, told through the eyes of one of its youngest passengers.

Remarkable illustration…

… and a remarkable story of a typeface that also escaped Nazi Germany, designed by a Jewish woman.

Devora Caytak, of the Jewish Youth Library, was aware of the work we had done on the MS St. Louis monument in Halifax for Daniel Libeskind, and so approach David as to how we could help bring her vision to fruition.

The book is accompanied by an adult guide which both summarizes the background story, and coaches teachers and parents on how to interpret “So Near, And Yet So Far” to Canadian children.

Here’s an Ottawa Citizen article about the book and its launch:


2 Responses to ““So Near, And Yet So Far””

  1. Carrie Learned says:


    I am a teacher working in Ottawa. Our school received a copy of “So Near, and Yet So Far” last year, along with the accompanying guide. I noticed that the guide is bilingual – is the book available in French? If so, how could I order a copy?
    My school address is as follows:

    Carrie Learned
    Henry Larsen Elementary School
    1750 Sunview Drive
    Gloucester, Ontario
    K1C 5B3

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

    • David Berman says:

      Hi Carrie,
      Thank you for your interest in “So Near, and Yet So Far”… it’s amongst our favourite recent projects. The book is not available in French, though it certainly would be lovely if it were. There’s not a lot to translate… one could then have at least an e-book in French fairly promptly… hmmmm…..

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