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Since 1975, Inter Pares has built relationships of common cause with activist groups around the world who share our analysis that poverty and under-development are caused by structural inequalities among and within nations and who are working to promote social and economic justice in their communities and societies.

As part of our broad work with Inter Pares for over ten years, we have helped them evolve their branding, including many online and print applications , including designing the print and online versions of their Inter Pares Bulletin, approximately six times a year for the past decade. The Bulletin is a key piece in their overall engagement, education, and fundraising strategies, and is published in English, French, and occasionally other languages.

“It seems just yesterday that Sheila and I took that course on managing Web projects and dreamed of having our own site. The results since then have been absolutely spectacular. We, at Inter Pares, love the site as do many others who we’ve heard from.”

– Rita Morbia, Inter Pares

Our other work for this organization includes an online e-cards system that includes a background reporting system to track usage. You can view or send Inter Pares e-cards  www.interpares.ca/ecard .

When Inter Pares celebrated their 30th anniversary and we were proud to design this logo for that commemoration.

Inter Pares 30 years 1975-2005 logo

We have also celebrated being a part of Inter Pares’ bold mandate, helping them with strategy, Web and print design on many projects and on a regular basis.

Inter Pares Web site English home snapshot

Inter Pares Web site (English home page) [view Inter Pares site]

We helped Inter Pares through the entire cycle of Web development, from strategy to information architecture, content planning to graphic design, usability coaching, programming and continued maintenance.

We have also reworked their identity and applied it to all of their printed materials, including annual reports, bulletins, stationery, fund raising and various other mailing materials.

Inter Pares 2004 Annual Report Cover

Inter Pares Bulletins and Annual Reports

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