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English edition of Do Good Design now available as accessible eBook

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Do Good Design 2013 edition book cover

2017 December 3: Happy IDPD 2017! We’re proud to announce that Do Good Design is now available as a fully-accessible eBook, in PDF/UA format. One version for all: Get your copy at our store.

The new edition of Do Good Design launched Earth Day 2013 on April 22. Updated content, better printing, 100% postconsumer papers, and a few fixes… 🙂 Thank you Nancy, Michael, Jason, Tracy and all our dedicated experts at Peachpit and Moore-Langen and Mohawk Papers, and Khadija and Cynthia and Trevor and Mo and Ben and Steven and Paul and Alan and Dad and our entire diligent team for helping produce our best book ever. Available now at Amazon and your local independent bookstore! More about Do Good Design

Do Good Design 2013 edition press release

Design Edge Canada news about 2013 Edition Earth Day launch: New ‘Do Good Design’ edition sports eco-friendly pages or download the pdf PDF icon[148 kb]

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Reviewed March 15, 2013

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