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Do Good Design Q&A with Mohawk Papers

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Do Good Design 2013 edition book coverIn celebration of our Earth Day launch of the 2013 edition of Do Good Design, printed on 100% post-consumer papers, I’m sharing with you an excerpt of an interview conducted by Mohawk Papers’ Allyson Van Houten.

Allyson: Your book is ready for a reprint in what feels like a pretty short amount of time. Congratulations!  Why was it important for you to produce a printed edition of your book?

David: The future of civilization is our common design project. And as we now live in a time where everyone is a designer, we need to find a way to reach everyone with the message of where and how they fit in a sustainably designed future. Of course e-book distribution is rising, which is wonderful for strengthening universal access. Meanwhile, responsibly crafted paper continues to have many merits. Print provides expression, access, permanence, reach and focus not always available in electronic media.

Why did you choose to use Mohawk papers for the reprint?

We needed papers for this book with great surface qualities, high post-consumer waste content, FSC certification so we turned to our neighbours just across the St. Lawrence at Mohawk, not just for their expertise, but for their history and commitment to sustainable design. They were the first American commercial paper manufacturer to match 100% of their electricity with wind power renewable energy credits.

Tell us a little bit about why you chose Mohawk Options and Mohawk Everyday Digital.

We really wanted the feel of a hardcover book, but in a light and convenient airplane read. So for the interior, we sought out the vellum texture in a 100% post-consumer stock with strong opacity. We found all of that, without compromise, in Mohawk Options. For the cover we were seeking great performance for the embossment, the heavy red ink coverage, and the folding of the flaps that were added to this edition. Mohawk Everyday Digital was an excellent choice. We like the name too! Every day design and designers doing extraordinary things!

Read the full interview with David Berman on the Felt & Wire blog.

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Reviewed April 29, 2013

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