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Do Good Design 2013 edition press release


Online address for this release: https://davidberman.com/do-good-2013-edition-press-release

Launch of 2013 Edition of Do Good Design book from Peachpit/Pearson/AIGA Press on Earth Day 2013 examines role of design in our lives

Do Good Design 2013 edition book cover

(OTTAWA — April 15, 2013) — David Berman and his publisher Peachpit/Pearson have announced the publication of the new 2013 edition of Do Good Design: How Design Can Change the World, a provocative book that explains why the largest crises we are facing today, as well as their solutions, have design thinking at their core. Author David B. Berman, offers a powerful and hopeful message that will inspire readers to do not only do good design in 2013 and beyond but to do good. This edition launches April 22, 2013 and is now shipping.

An AIGA Design Press book, Do Good Design is published under Peachpit’s New Riders imprint in partnership with AIGA, the professional association for design. David is a board member of AIGA’s Cincinnati chapter.

Do Good Design is also available in Korean, Chinese, Indonesian (and braille).

Watch David Berman talk about Do Good Design on PeachpitTV:


New 2013 edition printed on socially responsible paper

We’re proud to announce the 2013 edition of Do Good Design has been printed on sustainable paper from Mohawk Papers. Mohawk is North America’s largest, privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes. As a leader in environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Mohawk was the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial printing papers to match 100% of its electricity with wind power renewable energy credits, and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. Mohawk’s portfolio of recycled papers is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The 2013 edition of Do Good Design features Mohawk Options 100% PC White Vellum 80 text pages, which contains 100% post consumer waste fibre.

Mohawk Papers is featuring a blog interview with David on Felt & Wire as part of their Earth Day promotion of the book, at http://www.feltandwire.com.

How Design Can Change the World

Today, everyone is a designer. And the future of civilization is our common design project.

How does design help choose our leaders? Why do we really have an environmental crisis?

How can accessible design broaden your audience? Why does the U.S. economy now struggle to compete? How has design thinking added to the bottom line of the world’s most valuable companies?

Design matters. As it never has before. Design creates so much of what we see, what we use, and what we experience. In a time of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, designers must now choose what their young profession will be about: deploying weapons of mass deception – or helping repair the world.

Do Good Design is a call to action: This book alerts us to the role design plays in persuading global audiences to fulfill invented needs. The book then outlines a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design.

All professionals will be inspired by the message of how we can feel better and do better while holding onto our principles. In a time when anything has become possible, design thinking offers a way forward for us all. As David says “When we design for all, everyone benefits. We live in an age where everyone is a designer, and the future of civilization is our common design project. What will you do?”


“In Yiddish, a mensch is a person of integrity and honor and it seems David Berman fills the bill. Changing the world for the good never seemed more appealingly possible.”

Edward Asner, former president of the Screen Actors Guild

“I love this book. David is a regular guy like us, who cares about the world. Buy it and actually read it!”

Eric Karjaluoto, DesignCanChange.org

“Just the right measure of passion and reticence… excellent”

Ken Garland, author, First Things First Manifesto

“I believe that the real value of this book does not reside in the plethora of data and information that it contains but rather in the compelling biographical account of the author’s passionate journey to discover and advocate how design and designers can contribute to doing good in a fragile world.”

Jacques Lange, Icograda President (2005-2007)

Readers can become involved in the Do Good movement, take the online pledge, and learn more by visiting http://www.dogoodbook.com.

Do Good Design is now available at Peachpit.com, Amazon.com, as an ebook via Safari Books Online, and at other retailers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.peachpit.com/dogood.

About The Author

David B. Berman David Berman is a high-level advisor with the United Nations on how design can be used to help fulfill the Millennium Development Goals. He is a strategic consultant with 30 years of experience in graphic, interface, and universal design. He has traveled to 50 countries as an expert speaker, serves as the Ethics Chair for graphic design in Canada, Chair for Accessible Technology at Carleton University, and as Sustainability Chair of Icograda, the world body for graphic design. Clients include IBM, the International Space Station, the Sierra Club, and Canada’s largest federal government departments.

About Peachpit / Pearson Education

Berkeley-based Peachpit has been publishing best-selling books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web design and development, digital video, and general Macintosh computing since 1986. Peachpit’s award-winning books feature step-by-step explanations, time-saving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for computer users of all sorts. It is the home of the internationally recognized Visual QuickStart Guide series, the design imprint New Riders and its highly popular Voices That Matter series, and is the publishing partner for Adobe Press, lynda.com, Kelby Training/NAPP, Apple Certified, AIGA Design Press and others. Peachpit is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. Pearson’s primary operations also include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. Learn more at www.peachpit.com and www.pearson.com.

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