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December 2006

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– Tip: updated Web content planning tool
– “Creating Sites That Matter In 2007: Effective Web Information Design” seminar in Ottawa January 18
– David’s impressions from his recent trip to Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts
– Poster design to celebrate the GDC’s 50th anniversary
– Recent interviews and publications
– Other upcoming event dates

Sites that matter start with organizing content in a way that is meaningful to your audience as well as to your strategy. David’s Content Outline & Evergreening Grid is a great tool for organizing Web content in a way that links sustainable evergreening to your human resources strategy. Now we’ve updated this tool to also confirm that all content is traceable back to your Internet strategy. As an event news subscriber, you are invited to download your protected copy, in your choice of Word or PDF format, at https://davidberman.com/seminars/interfacesuccess.php#links . Your password is “designcares”.
Want more great tools and tips? How about a seminar packed with them …

“Very useful!” – Maureen Quirouet, Canada’s House Of Commons
Spend a day with David Berman as he shares his experience as a senior design consultant to some of Canada’s largest and most successful Web sites. Learn how to use information and interface design to create memorable sites that people will visit again and again… while saving you weeks of effort and many thousands of dollars in graphic design and programming. David will teach you how to use elements of design and usability to craft a responsive Web experience that will delight your audiences while fulfilling your strategic goals.
“He’s awesome: very knowledgeable & charismatic… keeps us interested” – Jude Lapointe, Ottawa

By the end of the day, you’ll know how to:
– Apply Web 2.0 ideas to make your site more meaningful
– Blend navigation design, interface design, and graphic design to help people find what they want quickly
– Increase return visits through “transparent design”
– Build a navigation plan that anticipates future growth
– Develop an information design plan that builds trust
– Use principles of graphic design to encourage repeat visits
– Choose the design for your Web presence that delights your audience and fulfills your strategy
For a full description of this in-depth one-day seminar, visit https://davidberman.com/seminars/interfacesuccess.php .

Plus, for the January 18 seminar, you will receive:
– a comprehensive manual
– complimentary continental breakfast and full lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day
– a thirty-minute personal coaching tele-session with David within a month of the seminar
– the option to attend the seminar again in the future, as a refresher, at no cost
– a money-back guarantee: if, after coaching and a refresher, you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your entire registration fee

Take the first step: get your registration form at https://davidberman.com/SeminarRegistrationForm.pdf or call (613) 728-6777. Seating is limited.

“Great course! David is a very dynamic teacher!” – Seminar Attendee

In November, David traveled to Beijing to attend the first committee meeting for the Beijing 2009 Icograda World Congress: which could likely be the largest design conference in history (conservative estimates suggest there are well over 300,000 graphic designers in China). While there, David presented “Weapons of Mass Deception: Design & Social Responsibility” ( https://davidberman.com/seminars/howlogo.php ) at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China’s premiere design school housing over 7,000 students. He also attended the opening of AIGA’s first office outside the United States.

Visiting mainland China for the first time left some powerful impressions:

“More skyscrapers are going up in China this decade than exist in all of Manhattan. Meanwhile, to demonstrate preparedness, the mayor of Beijing has declared that all Olympic cranes must be down one year before the games open.”

“The communications design for the 2008 Olympics is being developed by a team of design students and professors at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts. I was fortunate enough to be invited to review some of the work, and I could have easily assumed the materials were produced by a top design agency in Los Angeles: both in product and in process. The World’s best known logo is in good hands: it made me think a lot of the benefits of their system of education.”

“In so many ways, the China I’ve been taught about is not the China I met, from the ancient and intricate industrial design of the Great Wall (we trekked 10 kilometres along its trail) to the shockingly fresh and remarkable contemporary art in Beijing’s studio district.”

“During my lecture, I referred to the Mohammed cartoons controversy… hardly anyone had heard of it. I’ve been to over a dozen countries in the past five years: this was the first without CNN in my room.”

David has more stories to tell and many people to thank for their unprecedented hospitality, including Wang Min, Zheng Tao, Liu Bo, and Xiao Yong. If you’d like to hear more, call him! He’s got slides too…

If you’d like to see the poster that David and Scott Sigurdson designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), please visit https://davidberman.com/design/printprojects.php .

This poster is included in the newest GDC publication, Fifty Years of Design in Canada and was recently featured in the Applied Arts Photography and Illustration Annual 2006.

The complete collection of posters donated by Fellows of the Society is now part of a travelling exhibition running across Canada… next stops: Halifax, Moncton, Winnipeg, Victoria and Hamilton.
Please see http://www.gdc.net/community/news.php?id=80&press=1&draw_column=3:1:2 for more information.

David will likely be in Mumbai, India in the first week of February 2007, for Icograda Design Week.
David will be in Toronto, Ontario February 9, 2007, for the national PPAC conference.
David will be in Colombia, in mid-April, for Festival Internacional de la Imagen.
David will likely be in Washington, DC in the second week of May 2007 at the Washington Art Directors Club.
David will be in Montreal, Quebec in the last week of May 2007 at Icograda headquarters.

If you would like to book an engagement while David is in your neighbourhood, or en route, please let us know now before travel plans are finalized.

“…to Zdenka Melnyk and everyone at Manitoba Public Insurance for bringing me back to Winnipeg. The presentation of “Perfecting Your Web Strategy” was a great success. And I appreciate visiting the centre of the Google Maps universe!

“…to Walid Azzi and the ArabAd magazine family ( http://www.arabadmag.com/ ), not only for allowing me to travel to Kuwait City to participate as judge in the KREA Awards, but also for their unsinkable leadership and determination in publishing from Beirut this year, without missing an issue.

“…to Chantal Fontaine at PPAC in Montreal for hosting “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Sites” and “Not Another Time Management Seminar!” on short notice.

The recently published book, Why Should They Do Business With You? by Daniel Saintjean and Laurel R. Simmons, quotes David and his ideas.

This article discusses David’s November activities in Beijing: http://www.visionunion.com/article.jsp?code=200611220049 (Chinese).
Read our entire collection of interviews and publications at https://davidberman.com/about/publications.php .

Creating Sites That Matter in 2007: Effective Web Information Design
David shows you how to arrange your content meaningfully to your audience, sharing his successful techniques as a senior design consultant to many of Canada’s largest sites.
Ottawa (Canada): January 18, 2007

How Logo Can We Go? Advertising Design and Social Responsibility
Learn how professional communicators can help to repair the World.
Toronto (Canada): February 9, 2007 | Manizales (Colombia): April 2007

Real-Time Ethics: Prospering Through Principles In Your Professional Life
Workshop on how to actualize ethics in day-to-day professional life, by remaining in alignment with yourself, and focussed on your values.
Toronto (Canada): February 9, 2007

Successful Management of Web Site Projects
Learn “The System” for bringing in Web projects on time, on budget, and on target.
Ottawa (Canada): February 18, 2007

Principles of Graphic Design for Electronic Publishing
Two-day seminar on how to influence your audiences on all channels, using excellent graphic design and the latest technologies.
Ottawa (Canada): February 21-22, 2007

Developing Your Project Strategy
David demystifies the complete path to developing a plan to save money and time, lower stress, and yield great lasting outcomes from communications projects.
Ottawa (Canada): March 6, 2007

Strategic Time Management for Professionals: Designing Your Life
Want to leave the office earlier? See what happens when you apply David’s results-oriented project strategy to your own life: give us a day and we’ll turn your intentions into action.
Ottawa (Canada): April 3, 2007

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Sites
Learn the seven pivotal ingredients that can get the outcomes you deserve from your Web presence.
Washington, DC (United States): May 11, 2007 (tentative)

For other seminars and dates, please consult https://davidberman.com/seminars/schedule.php .

Are our event dates inconvenient for you? Can’t wait? If you’d rather bring us on-site, please call!

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Reviewed December 2, 2006

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