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Perfecting Your Web Strategy 2.0: The 10 Expert Steps that Will Multiply Your Web Presence

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In a world of mobile apps, tweets, and status updates, some sites thrive while others flounder. Is your Web presence lagging behind?

David Berman wants you to have the Web presence you deserve. He’s been a senior strategist for Canada’s three largest Web presences, and advises the United Nations… and he has a passion for sharing knowledge: he’s presented in over 20 countries on how the Web can improve our world.

In one day, David will personally share the systematic framework he’s developed over 15 years of Web experience, that will help both your Web presence and your career. Without a strategic system, no matter how many hours you labour, you’ll fall further behind, waste resources and opportunity.

Plan for social media.

Plan for search engine optimization.

Plan for accessibility.

Plan for success.


– Omer Aziz, Nortel

“This was wicked cool!”

– Sara Maksymowicz, Winnipeg, MB

If your main communication channel is falling short of its potential, join us. You’ll learn where to start, how to get results, and how to maintain and repeat your successes.

How much time and money will you save if our strategic approach saves you just 5% of your budget? We’ll return your full investment if, in your opinion, you don’t get at least those results.

Learn the successful and straightforward methodology that has helped hundreds of organizations utilize the Web to not just get results, but get the results that help fulfill their missions. Participants get to work through a case study (two-day version only), gaining hands-on experience as they learn the evidence-based principles of applying strategic techniques in marrying Web implementation to organizational objectives). Attend this course to learn a step-by-step system that will apply a strategic approach to planning your Web presence, whether crafting it for the first time or elevating existing sites to higher effectiveness. David’s celebrated approach addresses strategic issues specific to the Internet, and builds buy-in from everyone on the way, resulting in solutions that don’t just work right: they get the right things done.

You will become more valuable to your organization by equipping yourself with a paradigm that identifies the Web as a strategic tool. The result will reduce organizational risk and personal stress, avoid hurdles and optimize measurable results. With a strong strategic framework, you’ll get the results you are looking for.

This course incorporates adult learning principles and activities appropriate to a variety of learning styles, and qualifies for CEUs (certified by organizations such as PPAC).

“The instructor consistently invited and encouraged individual participation. David was very good at drawing out comments from the class. Very good course.”

– Seminar attendee, Ottawa

“Clear, precise, good examples … I became more efficient.”

– Carole Charron, Public Works Canada

“David est trés connaissants et partage trés bien ses connaissances”

– Brigitte Gour, Conseil des Arts du Canada

“Very knowledgable. Thank you very much!”

– Shane Finigan, Maritz Inc.

The Problem

Web sites, no matter how well executed, often fall short of delivering highly useful results. Late, over-budget Web sites are usually due to poor project management. However, even excellently designed, perfectly-coded sites often fail to deliver on hopes, often without the time or budget left to try again. Most often, this is because the most important step in the project has been skipped: the development of a clear, written strategic charter that everyone has bought into.

Register for February 06, 2015

In the early days of the Web, in an environment of unbridled contagious enthusiasm, it was okay to throw things together and see what would result. However, today’s audiences have high expectations of how organizations like yours communicate. Meanwhile, the Web site has moved from an optional add-on to often being the number one communications channel. Standards have shifted from ideals to mandatories . . . and the Web economy no longer tolerates getting it right the second time.

And yet so many sites still underwhelm, not because of a lack of good intentions or commitment, but due to a lack of disciplined forethought. This results too often in a sad combination of wasted resources and stressed interpersonal relationships.

“I benefited a great deal from your seminar!”

– Rachel Champagne, Alberta Association of Registered Nurses

“Love the stories. Excellent”

– Julie Sun, Justice Canada

“Dynamic. Held my interest … easy to retain.”

– Lindsay Short, Carbon Computing

What Makes This Course Unique

This course starts where every Web project should: not with graphic design sketches, sharp writing or whiz-bang technologies, but rather with investing the time (which always comes back to you) to choose what you want to achieve, how you can get there, and how you’ll know when you’ve succeeded.

Our course leader, David Berman, is an internationally known expert speaker, a branding expert, and has owned and operated several successful firms. He is considered an expert in strategy and web management, and has provided senior consultancy to Canada’s three largest Web presences. Through a step-by-step approach, you will learn how to use proven techniques to establish control, avoid hurdles, fully exploit opportunities, and build culture that will maintain a better way of fulfilling your goals . . . all in language that will demystify the strategic communications process.

“The presentation included very useful information and I enjoyed the instructor’s anecdotes and illustrations. I will recommend the course to my co-workers! “

– Seminar attendee, Ottawa

“Very well structured. It will help we work more effectively.”

– Luc Bergeron, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Counci

What You’ll Learn

You will be instructed in a straightforward and thorough approach to developing a complete Internet strategy to fulfill your organization’s objectives. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Where strategy fits in the overall process
  • The ten ingredients that make up a successful Web strategy
  • The benefits of a strategic approach
  • How to build time into your schedule for strategy and convince others to allow for it
  • How to develop a strategy document
  • How to make sure your strategy document is complete
  • How to identify goals, and turn them into measurable objectives
  • How to integrate with other media
  • How to gain buy-in and approval for your strategy
  • How to assess the strategic environment
  • How to assess the maturity level of your Web presence
  • How to gain buy-in and approval for the strategy from stakeholders
  • How to classify and quantify the limitations you must work within
  • How to avoid common hurdles before you reach them

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will seize the opportunity to evolve your role into the most important one for any web project: the person who makes sure that the Web site doesn’t just work correctly, but that it delivers what your organization truly covets, while avoiding financial and political risk. You’ll reduce your stress level too! If you can gain a handle on these skills, you will be sought after for future projects, wherever you work.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Better results by doing things well and getting them right the first time
  • More effective use of time and other resources
  • Previous unrealistic goals become within your reach
  • Supports more resilient, sustainable and durable approach to knowledge management
  • Stronger team, with higher morale, eager and rested for the next challenge
  • Evolution of workgroup culture to a more accountable framework

Course Goals

At the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Recognize excellent strategy
  • Participate effectively in strategy meetings
  • Develop a strategy document (possibly with coaching, depending on prior learning)
  • Identify the stakeholders and resources involved in a strategic challenge
  • Work with stakeholders to choose goals and identify measurable objectives
  • Better assess how feasible specific goals and timelines are
  • Identify the maturity level of your existing Web presence
  • Better understand the overall Web development process
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Continuously improve your presence and your process

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted to all project officers, project managers, brand managers, marketing officers, Webmasters, production coordinators, strategists, and financial controllers responsible for delivering on corporate, program, branch, or departmental mandates . . .

  • People who are responsible for the success of programs or product lines
  • People who plan and develop Web sites
  • People who coordinate people who build Web sites
  • People who coordinate communications initiatives
  • People who manage the finances of teams that build Web sites
  • People who hire others to develop Web sites

What You Get

When David Berman Communications hosts this course*, each participant receives:

  • a complimentary, comprehensive manual (also available separately for $89 with optional 1-on-1 distance coaching)
  • complimentary meals, snacks and beverages throughout
  • a thirty-minute personal coaching tele-session within a month of the course
  • the option to attend this course again in the future, as a refresher at no additional cost
  • a money-back guarantee: if, after coaching and refresher, you don’t think you’ve got your money’s worth, we’ll refund your entire registration fee
(*If you are attending one of our courses hosted by another organization, confirm with them which of these items apply.)

About the Expert Speaker

David Berman is the principal of David Berman Communications in Ottawa. He has over 20 years of experience in graphic design and strategic communications. David brings both graphic design and information technology expertise to his Web work. He has been involved in the strategy or project management of numerous web projects, including strategy for the World Bank, Canada Revenue Agency, Health Canada, the National Research Council, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada, and Treasury Board as well as many other government, private sector and non-profit organizations. He has worked extensively in the adaptation of printed materials for electronic distribution, including Web design and plain writing and design. He is also the architect of project management software applications.

David is an internationally-celebrated speaker, having taken engagements in over 10 countries. In recent years he has also recommitted his career toward sharing his knowledge and unique talent as a designer and strategist through professional development courses for creative organizations. David is a National Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). He is the Ethics Chair of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and was named a Fellow (the highest professional honour for graphic designers in Canada) in 1999. David has been featured in the Financial Post, Marketing, and Applied Arts magazines.


All you need is some basic experience on the World Wide Web.


English (or French onsite)


1-day  course

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This course is also available customized and on-site in a half-day or one-day format for your organization. Please contact us for details.

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For the convenience of course attendees, we provide this list of hypertext links and books cited in this course’s learning guide roughly in the order they appear in the course and learning guide:

Legislation, lawsuits, and standards

Other countries

Accessibility guidelines

Assistive technologies and techniques

Visual difficulties
Dexterity/mobility/motor difficulties


Hearing difficulties

iOS Accessibility

Android, Windows Phone Accessibility

WCAG 2.0 (including Success Criteria Level A and AA, in order)

Guideline 1.1: Text Alternatives
Guideline 1.2: Time-based Media
Guideline 1.3: Adaptable
Guideline 1.4: Distinguishable
Guideline 2.1: Keyboard Accessible
Guideline 2.2: Enough Time
Guideline 2.3: Seizures
Guideline 2.4: Navigable
Guideline 3.1: Readable
Guideline 3.2: Predictable
Guideline 3.3: Input Assistance
Guideline 4.1: Compatible, etc.

Testing tools for web and mobile

WCAG 2.1 (including the new Success Criteria Level A and AA, in order)

Document standards, techniques and testing


Instructional design software: Adobe Captivate

Instructional design software: Articulate Storyline

Instructional design software: other

Accessible virtual classroom platforms

Introduction to Online Learning and Accessibility

Accessible content management

White papers

Other accessibility links



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