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Professional Climate Change

(Why & How To Design Your Next Event
to be More Environmentally-Friendly)

“…the David Suzuki of design.”

– Cassie Janca, Algonquin College

“Very personable…a super event.”

-Lorna Lane, Canadian Dental Association

“Excellent: great ideas. Practical ideas to use right away.”

-Helena McDowell, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

“Informative and humorous — perfect blend.”

-Sharon Redden, Canadian Airports Council

“…he was great! Energetic and convincing… very hands-on with great resources…”

– Annie Bellemare, Skate Canada

In this upbeat presentation, David Berman demonstrates how meeting professionals can embrace the attitudes and techniques of hosting greener meetings, while saving money, saving resources, and sleeping better at night… as an example of how meeting professionals can courageously entrench a deeper commitment to social responsibility into their professionalism. Most want greener events, but don’t know how to make them happen. David will inspire you to choose greener tactics for your next event that can save money, yet not increase effort. You don’t have to do everything at once: he’ll help show you where to start: adjusting to the climate change that is taking place in the meetings industry.

As professionals involved in the planning and hosting of meetings and conferences, we have the power to make better choices, serving as an example to all those whose lives we touch… while doing more with less. It’s time to choose what professionalism in the meetings industry will be about: creating events that are part of the problem, or helping repair the World by bringing people and ideas together in harmony with a brighter future for both our industry and our civilization.

“Humorous, encouraging. “

– Ida Tsui, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

“Very professional. His heart was in it.”

– Lise Hodgson, Canadian Cardiovascular Society


– Sebastien Provost, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

“Useful. Better way to address the issue than to say the sky is falling.”

-Phil Ecclestone, Golden Planners Inc.

“Very engaging!”

– Jay Moor, Canadian Labour Congress

“Excellent, innovative.”

-Heather R., Knowledge Bridge Inc.

Language: English

Duration: Your preference of 25 to 90 minutes, plus optional interactive period. This keynote can optionally be followed by an interactive exploration of the issues raised, moderated by the speaker.

Prerequisites: None. This presentation is tailored to fit the audience.


About the Expert Speaker:

David Berman’s 20 years of experience and technique have helped hundreds of organizations get great things done.

The combination of his inspiration and techniques motivate people to create unique and ecologically-responsible strategy, events, branding, design, ethics, and communications solutions.

His career as an expert speaker, facilitator, communications strategist, judge, and graphic and environmental designer has involved him in the development of hundreds of events in over twenty countries: Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Qatar, Slovenia, South Korea, UK, and USA.

His clients include IBM, International Space Station, World Bank, Norwegian Design Council, the Aga Khan Foundation, Environment Canada, Health Canada, National Gallery of Canada, NAV Canada, Parks Canada, Statistics Canada, and Treasury Board.

In 1999, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada named him a Fellow for his eco-friendly Code of Ethics. David was elected V.P. Ethics of the Society in 2000, and since has served as Ethics Chair. In 2005, he became Vice-President of Icograda, the World body for graphic design, which organizes global conferences.

His opinions have been featured in the Financial Post, Marketing, the Sydney News-Herald, and ArabAd. David is a National Professional Member of CAPS, Meeting Planners International (MPI), and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

“Very well done.”

-Anita Sawyer, Canadian Air Traffic Control


-Michelle Gravelle, Canadian Medical Association

“Très bon!”

-Marsha-Ann Rochester, MBNA Bank

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some quotes from David’s talk, which you are free to use in articles about this topic. If you need more quotes or supporting visuals, please ask us. If you are planning on republishing any quotes or other material, we prefer that you show us a copy in advance of publication (not to censor anyone, but simply to check for accuracy).

“Over 95% of the meeting professionals who have every lived are alive today. We have the opportunity together to decide what this young profession will be about: bringing people and ideas together as part of the problem, or as part of the solution.” – David Berman

“It isn’t enough to do good events. We can do good. And because we can, we must.” – David Berman


Who Should Attend: Professionals, meeting and conference planners, people who attend meetings, and people interested in ethics and social responsibility.


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Reviewed August 8, 2009


October, 2009 Beijing, China opens in a new browser windowIcograda World Congress opens in a new browser windowsee host site
January 22, 2009 (tentative) Fredericton, NB Tourism New Brunswick N/A
Wed October 15, 2008 Torino, Italy Multiverso N/A
Thu April 10, 2008 morning Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata, ON Meetings Planners International NMID $99/$125
Fri October 26, 2007 Conference Centre, Habana, Cuba opens in a new browser windowIcograda World Design Congress/GA opens in a new browser windowsee host site
Tue June 19, 2007 Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON opens in a new browser windowQuébec City Tourism by invitation

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opens in a new browser windowGDC Environs 2000 Conference Letter of Endorsement(English) PDF icon

opens in a new browser windowApplied Arts magazine interview with David Berman, April 2003 (English) PDF icon

opens in a new browser windowMarketing Magazine column on David Berman in Delo (Slovenia’s largest daily newspaper), May 2003 (Slovenian) JPG

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opens in a new browser windowComma magazine (Lebanon) article about David Berman, 2003 (English) PDF icon

“Great speaker.”

– Liette Barrette, Indian & Northern Affairs

“Good mix of facts and humour.”

– Melanie Hudson, Industrial Gas Users Association


-Rosemary Tassie, CARE Canada


opens in a new browser window Sample handout for this event (Quebec Tourism) PDF icon [769K]

opens in a new browser window Sample handout for this event (Icograda Havana) PDF icon [769K]


For the convenience of attendees, we provide this list of hypertext links, books, and other resources cited in this keynote:

Hypertext links:

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“Very enthusiastic”

-Claudette Gagnon, Canadian Association of Optometrists


-Suzanne Cyr, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Government of Canada)

“Very good — I liked his gentle approach to making a significant difference. This was the best reception I’ve attended. “

-Anna Maria Ritorto, Fisheries Council of Canada

“Well spoken.”

-Greg Mowry, Fisher Scientific

“Excellent. Easy to implement the ideas.”

-Ana Vallejos, NAV Canada

Meeting Planning Resources and Facilities – Meeting planning resources and articles, along with a large directory of meeting facilities, conference centers, cvbs and convention centers.

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