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InDesign to Word conversion (or vice versa!)

Your Adobe InDesign to Microsoft Word Conversion Solution

Is your client demanding a Word version of your InDesign file that they can edit and print?

Need the familiarity of Word’s Track Changes workflow so your client can propose changes without knowing InDesign?

Lost track of all the changes that were made to the InDesign proofs after the client’s “final” content was imported?

Or maybe you need a Word file that meets accessibility standards as well as exports to an accessible PDF? 

We all know InDesign has a Save As feature for your indd files, but the Word files that result are rarely useful. We feel your pain… and we have the solution!

We’re design nerds… we’re also nerd nerds. We’ll promptly take any InDesign (or PDF file) and convert it to an excellent Word file (or vice versa) that is letter-perfect and true enough to the original layout that you or your client can confidently edit or Track Changes in Microsoft Word (though the Word layout will undoubtedly fall short of the InDesign layout).

You’ll have the best of both worlds: the excellence of InDesign and the efficient and familiar workflow of Microsoft Word.

“Over 200 pages of tables, and nothing out of place! We were amazed and delighted.” – Cynthia Hoffos, C3 Design

What to do next:

  1. Complete this form: (or email us at indesigntoword@davidberman.com if you hate forms!)

    Provides clients the ability to contact us with future conversion projects. The form requests common information {name, email etc} and additional questions regarding project timeline and information.

    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Max. file size: 50 MB.

  2. We’ll send you a no-obligation firm price proposal.
  3. If you like our price, send us your Mac or Windows InDesign files (from the File menu, select Package, click Package button, click Continue, check all checkboxes, click Open … and send us the resulting folder).
  4. Sit back while we do the work… we’ll ship your Word files when ready, and won’t give up til you’re completely satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there different levels of quality I can purchase?

Yes, you have the choice of…

  • least expensive: an editable Word file that looks as much like the PDF of the InDesign as is possible in Word
  • more sustainable: perfectly structure the Word file with style sheets and such (so that it is an excellent template for future such documents)
  • fully accessible: also perfectly structure files comply with WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 / ADA / AODA guidelines for persons living with disabilities

Q. Is the price better if we do many documents?
Yes, if we do more of the same at the same time, the price per unit falls.

Q. What about fonts?
You may need to license additional fonts if, for example, your source files were built on a Mac and you don’t already have the same fonts licensed for your Word for Windows users … if you need all users to see the exact same typefaces (otherwise, reasonable substitutions will occur).

Q. How secure is the service?
We hold secret security clearance with our federal government, and treat all files with full confidentiality. We can provide encrypted delivery, upon request, at no additional charge.

Q. How do I pay?
You can pay at our secure http://www.davidberman.com/pay page, using PayPal or any credit card.


If you’d rather call us, please do: toll-free +1-800-665-1809 North America (or+1-613-728-6777 from anywhere).

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Reviewed January 8, 2016

4 Responses to “InDesign to Word conversion (or vice versa!)”

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    as above, also do you do powerpoint conversions and excel tidy ups? Thanks

    • David Berman says:

      We do indeed! Phone us at 6137286777 or email us at info [at] davidberman.com as to what you need and how soon?

  2. M Hermelink says:

    What I need is a pdf files with hyperlinks to the products in my webshop. I have a pdf (or indesign file) and what i exact want is:

    1 I have a exel file with lots of itemnumbers and hyperlinks
    2 I have a pdf (or indesign file) with 100 pages and lots of itemnumbers.
    3 In this pdf (or indesign file) are somewhere the same itemnumbers as in the excel file
    4 I want a automatic search for all the itemnumbers in the excel file (compare the exel file with the pdf (indesign) file) and ad automatically the hyperlink to that number in the pdf (or indesign) file
    5 I want that new file as a pdf with hyperlinks so i can use it in my webshop!

    Can you do that or do you have a tool??

    Thank you for your answer

    M Hermelink

    • Heather McAlister says:

      Hi. Thank you for your inquiry. We’ve emailed you specific questions about your project: essentially we can definitely help… and we’ll be able to give you more specifics if you can send us the files to examine, and your timeframe!

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