Welcome to TimeTo™...to better organize your work, or your entire life.

TimeTo™ is probably the World's most advanced to-do list manager (Download.com users' favorite PIM, April 2006), to better organize your work, or your entire life. TimeTo™ removes stress, tames deadlines, and battles procrastination as it:

Whether you're battling procrastination or tough deadlines, TimeTo™ will help you keep yourself on schedule and focussed on what's important, while reducing your stress.

Light Mode and Pro Mode: In Light Mode, TimeTo™ is much like other to do list and calendar software, helping you juggle your responsibilities and appointments. However, switch to Pro Mode (you can go back and forth any time by choosing Pro or Light mode from the Settings menu) and most of TimeTo's uniquely usable abilities kick in. The most significant is that you can tell TimeTo™ your priorities, your preferences, and your rules as to what can be done when: then TimeTo™ will automatically draft your schedule for you, refreshing it continuously if you wish. Using this revolutionary approach to managing your time, TimeTo™ will help you focus on the most important next action, while ensuring you rarely drop a ball or forget a commitment.

USB drive: TimeTo™ can optionally be run entirely from a USB flash memory drive (so you can take it anywhere and use it on whatever Windows machine is present without having to install anything).

Tutorial: If you'd like, choose the Load TimeTo Tutorial command from the Help menu: this will load a series of one-a-day five minute lessons into your schedule on how to use TimeTo™ most effectively.

Sample items: If you chose to install the sample items, you'll find many sample items (their titles start with [sample] or [special day]) in your schedule, most of them recurring. You can delete all the [sample] items by choosing the Delete Sample & Lesson Items command (from the Edit menu), or keep some by first removing "[sample]" from the titles of those you wish to keep.

Most of the [special day] items are also recurring items: delete them all by choosing the Delete Special Day Items command (from the Edit menu) or first remove "[special day]" from the title of those you wish to keep. The special days are only samples: many special days of many cultures and countries are absent. We bias towards the regions where our users tend to reside. However, we'd love to add more: if you notice a special day from your region missing that you feel should be added, please tell us!


Starting To Get Things Done: Quickly learn how to start getting time back from TimeTo™ right away.
How Do I...: Highlights some of the most popular tasks you can accomplish with TimeTo™.
Main Window: Orientation to the main TimeTo window.
Day View: Describes the primary user interface elements of the most common view, the Day View.
Pro Mode:
Tells of the main features enabled when you are in Pro Mode.
Commands: This help file includes topics on a command-by-command basis, organized by menu, which are worth exploring.

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