How To Use TimeTo™ with a Flash Drive

TimeTo™ is specially designed to optionally have both its program and information files contained on a portable flash drive (or any other portable memory device that can appear as a drive letter on a Windows computer... such as an SD card).

If you often move from one computer to another at different locations (for example, one computer at the office and one computer at home), we recommend you install TimeTo™ onto a flash drive (or other portable memory device). TimeTo™ is especially designed so that you can carry the entire program and all your data and settings on a portable device, and plug it into any Windows computer you happen to encounter in your travels.

Note: If you work on a network, where it is important to leave a copy of your schedule behind for others to view while you travel with the master version, consider the advantages of using the Transfer To Other PC commands instead of this technique. You'll still be able to carry your schedule on a Flash drive (and you can even carry the TimeTo application on the drive with you), however this way network users will be forbidden from making changes to the version of your schedule on your office computer while the master is with you.


How large a flash drive will you need? TimeTo™ is intentionally quite space-efficient. Any flash drive will do: even the smallest capacity flash drives have more space than 99% of TimeTo™ users will ever need for all their TimeTo™ files!

To fully install TimeTo™ for use on a flash drive, designate the flash drive as the destination folder when running the TimeTo™ installer.

Migrating from hard drive to flash drive:
If you have already installed TimeTo™ on your computer and wish to move it permanently to the flash drive, locate the folder where TimeTo™ is installed (typically the "c:\program files (x86)\TimeTo" folder ...or, if the operating system of your computer is the 32-bit version of Windows 7 or the 32-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows XP then perhaps folder "c:\Program Files\TimeTo"), and move the entire folder to the flash drive.

When you use travel with TimeTo™ on a flash drive, all preferences travel with you as well.

How do I launch TimeTo™ on a computer that I have not installed it upon?
When you put the flash drive into a computer you have not yet installed TimeTo™, there will not be an icon on the desktop or an entry in the Start menu for TimeTo. However, you can launch TimeTo™ by using Windows Explorer to navigate to the flash drive and launch the file in the flash drive's TimeTo folder called "TimeTo" (or "TimeTo.exe" if you have "Hide Extensions For Known File Types" unchecked in Windows Explorer ( Tools | Folder Options | View tab)). If you would like an icon on that computer for future use, right-drag the TimeTo™ file to the desktop or Start menu, release and choose Create Shortcut here. (TimeTo™ is smart enough to find your TimeTo™ data even when different computers assign different drive letters to the same flash drive.)

Backup Tip: If you keep your TimeTo™ on a flash drive, be sure to backup your flash drive regularly, since your TimeTo™ files and automatic backups will reside on the flash drive and they won't be getting backed up to other media as part of other regular backup routines which back up your hard drive. The most important TimeTo™ files to backup are the timedata.pak file and all files in the Notes subfolder.



Q. At work, I have a "locked PC" (which means users cannot install anything - all software is downloaded from company sources over our network). Will I be able to use TimeTo on my work PC without getting special permission to have it "unlocked"?

A. Yes, you probably can run TimeTo™ from the flash drive on your "locked PC": simply run the TimeTo™ installer and designate the flash drive as the destination folder. Depending on how your PC is locked, you may have to run the installer on an unlocked PC (for instance your home computer) to get TimeTo™ installed onto the flash drive. After that, you can likely put the flash drive in the "locked PC" and run TimeTo™ whenever you wish by launching the file TimeTo.exe from the flash drive (if that approach works for you, you may wish for convenience to create a shortcut on your locked PC's desktop that points to the TimeTo.exe file on the flash drive).


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