Month View

Use the Month View (Ctrl+M) to view items a month at a time.

Window Frame of View

The top frame of the Month View shows the current time of day (including ticking seconds), the current date, and an asterisk if schedule changes have not yet been saved. "Filters On" appears to the right of these other elements if the Filters window is open, as a reminder that you are only seeing those items which qualify to pass through the Filters.


Day Cells

Each day's in the Month View displays the day of the month in the top left corner, and the month, year and day of the week in the top right corner. The date of the selected day (the day of the schedule you were viewing before you switched to Month View, or that you have clicked once in Month View) appears in red. If the Moon setting is enabled in Other Settings, then the phase of the moon appears directly to the right of the day of the month.

Within the cell, TimeTo™ lists as many items as can fit in the day.

If all of the items for a give day don't fit in the cell, or the type is too small to comfortably read, you can change the font and size for the item text by choosing Month View Text in the Screen Fonts submenu of Fonts Settings. More dynamically, you can also change the font size while viewing the Month View by clicking the Zoom In and Zoom Out commands (or Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the toolbar).

If you find the view too packed, simplify it, by either viewing in Light mode or by choosing to turn off various aspects of the views through choices in Other Settings. Within each cell, TimeTo™ displays either all or some of the items currently scheduled on that date. Whether you will see all or some depends upon the settings in the Month View section of Other Settings. Since the day cells are relatively small, these settings give you to option to reduce which items appear in each Month View cell to Only Show Underscored Items and/or those items which have Only Show Set Start Time Items (since items without Set Start Times are typically items that are not set in stone and hence may be not as important to view when you are viewing a month at a time since some may change dates by the time that day arrives).

Other settings in the Month View section of Other Settings affect how the Month View will look. You can specify whether to Show Begin Times or not, whether to Show Count Of Days Til Today (for example "+1", or when it goes over 999 then for example "+2yr" for two years), and whether to Show Which Week Of Year on the week you are viewing.

To insert a new item on any day in the Month View, right-click on that date. The new item will start with the date you clicked.

You cannot edit items from the Month View. However you can double-click on any day cell to go to the Day View for that day, then edit the item. (If you single-click, you will change the current day to that day while staying in Month View, so that when you insert items from the Insert menu, or later change to Day View or Multiple Day View, that day will be the one you first see.)

Tip: If you would like the Month View to show weeks spanning from Monday to Sunday rather than from Sunday to Saturday, check the Weeks Start Mon (instead of Sun) checkbox in Other Settings.

Item Details

Each row in a cell provides information about one item (or gap between items). Here is the information which appears for each item (from left to right):

The leftmost column shows the begin time of the item (if the Show Begin Times in the Month View section of Other Settings is checked). The time appears more prominently if the item has a set start time.

The item's text colour and its background are governed by your Labels Settings from the Settings menu (and as explained in Labels Setting, the text of item titles for items with the Label property set to the first Label is governed by your Color Settings.

The background color of gaps and blank space in the cell is governed by the background color of the item immediately above the blank space.

Special day background color: Label 7 is special: its text color also affects the date header (day of week, day of month, year) of any day that includes a Label 7 item, in all views. If an item has its Label set to the Special Day label (Label 7), then this effect of that item on the colour of that day's Month View cell will always occur, even if other restrictions (such as Only Show Underscored Items in Other Settings) will stop the item itself from appearing on the Month View. So, for instance, if you have Label 7 set to a colour scheme of orange on blue, and you have your Month View preferences in Other Settings set to only show underscored items, and you create a non-underscored item on Aug 11, 2008 and apply Label 7 to it: then on the Month View, the Aug 11, 2008 cell will have its date and day of week in orange, the background of the cell will be blue, but the item will not appear in the cell (since it is not underscored).

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