Filters (pro mode only)

Use the powerful Filters (Shift+F) command to temporarily limit the items or projects you see on all views (including the Month View), the Projects List, Calendar Window coloring, printouts, and export commands... to only those you are current interested in. Combine many filters to precisely control which appear.

Filters also affect Daily Time By Project Report, Daily Time Spent On Tagged Projects, Weekly Time Spent of Tagged Projects, and Weekly Time Spent On Life Projects reports.

Here are some examples of how filters can help you use your time more effectively:

To invoke the Filters, choose the Filters command from the Edit menu (or press Shift+F), causing the Filters window to appear (or disappear if was already up). Filtering continues as long as the Filters dialog is present. To close the Filters dialog box, click the Close box in the Filters window, or type Shift+F again. TimeTo™ remembers your filters choices, even when the filtering is off or if you close TimeTo™, so you don't have to reselect them again the next time you choose Filters. TimeTo™ will also remember if the Filters window is open or not if you close and restart TimeTo™.

If the Filters window is in the way of seeing other things on your screen, you can temporarily drag it elsewhere ...or click the Minimize button in the top right corner of the Filters dialog to dock it minimized in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Tip: You can continue to use all other TimeTo™ features while the Filters window in active, so you may wish to park the Filters window permanently in a corner of your display.

Note: When an item is hidden on Day View or a multiple day view due to filtering, any gap of free time immediately following it is also hidden.

Filters Window

The Filters windows offers you many criteria to choose from, in any combination you like. The filtering occurs immediately, so you can see the results immediately.

Title: Type up to five words that potentially appear in item titles. If you type more than one word then items will be included if any of the words are in the item's title. If a word must appear, then prefix the word with a plus sign (+). If you want to exclude from the resulting items those that contain a certain word then prefix the word with a minus sign (-). For example, the phrase "bart cart" would yield all items which contain "bart" or "cart" as words or subwords. "+bart +cart" would yield only items which contain both sequences. "+bart +cart -dart" would yield all items that contain both "bart" and "cart" but that also do not contain "dart". (For those familiar with the language of mathematics, this can restated simply: the Title search is Boolean defaulting to OR, with + for AND, and - for NOT.) You can use up to five keywords (the sixth and above are ignored).
Tip: you cannot use a minus term on its own: for instance "-sample" will always yield zero results because you have not yet included anything to exclude from... therefore if you want to show all results except those that contain "sample", use "+ -sample").

Project: Filter to include only items of a specific Project (or whose Project is set to None).

Job #: Filter to include only items of a specific Job #.

Labels: Filter to include only items of a specific Label. Click the Select Labels button to yield a dialog box where you can specify any combination of the eight labels to include or not include.

Doable Now (undone, Earliest Begin not future): Include only items that you can begin now. To qualify, they must be undone items on today's list, and the Earliest Begin date and time are both earlier than now.

Minimum Duration: Include only items whose duration is equal to or greater than the amount of time you specify.

Non-routine: Filter out all recurring items that occur more than three times a week.

Today Only: Filter out all items except those that only occur today (thus non-exception recurring items are filtered out as well). Some users enjoy filtering their Priority View with this filter, to see today's flexible items in priority order.

Also Filter Calendar Window (and Date Picker): Check the checkbox to have the busy indicators in the Calendar Window and Date Picker also filtered by your selected criteria.

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