My Multiple Day View

Choose the My Multiple Day View command (from the View menu, or press Ctrl+W) to view several day views simultaneously. You'll be able to see several day views side by side. Each of these day views have all the properties available for a Day View, and allow you to drag and drop items from one day view to another).

You get to choose what day views you'll see by setting the My Multiple Day View Settings (from the Settings menu). You can specify how many days to display as well as which days of the week you would like displayed (so for instance, you could exclude weekends, or only include Mondays).

Use the Multiple Day View Tiling command (from the View menu) to choose how the day views will be arranged on your screen. Choose amongst three arrangements: Tile Horizontally (day views appear side-by-side), Tile Vertically (days appear one above the other), or Grid (where the days are arranged in up to three rows depending upon how many days are involved).

Use the Navigate commands (Today, Previous Day, Next Day, 7 Days Back, etc.) to move all the days in the view at once (for example, if it is July 1 and you are viewing the seven days at once from July 1 through July 7, if you then choose the 7 Days Forward command, you will now be viewing July 8 through July 14).

Tip: If you would like to view any day view next to any other day view, use the Multiple Day View command instead (pro mode only).

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