Colors Settings (pro mode only)

Use the Colors Settings to customize how item and project Titles and their backgrounds and a few other things appear in all views (and the Projects List). You can play with the color scheme as much as you'd like, with the option to click Cancel to return to your previous color scheme.

Normal (For All Views):

Flexible-date Items Not Due on Viewed Day, hope items: Choose the Text Hue for items that have a Flexible Date and whose Deadline is not the viewed day (and hope items since they are not strictly due that due either). By choosing a different color for these items, you can see at a glance what items on your schedule are not due that day.

Memo items: Choose the Text Hue for memo items, to easily differentiate them from other items.

Done Items: Choose the Background Hue for items that have been marked Done. By choosing a different background hue for these items than the default, you can see at a glance which items are Done. Note that this is in addition to the strikethroughs that appear through the text of Done items (if Strikethroughs Through Done Items is checked in Other Settings). If you have Hide Done Items enabled (in Other Settings or from the View Menu), then of course you won't be able to see the Done item at all.

Note: Microsoft Windows will only use solid colors for text. Therefore, if when on the Color window (the window that appears immediately after you click the Text Hue button on the Colors Settings window) you choose to select a color by clicking on the rainbow region of the window, if the color you click is not a solid color, TimeTo™ instead will use the nearest solid color (which is shown to you in the colored rectangle titled "Color|Solid" on that same window).


Other TimeTo features that affect color-coding of items:

Labels: any item that has its label set to anything but normal will have the text and background hue for that Label (as designated in Labels Settings) rather than the colors designated above.

The text of gaps in day views are black, no matter what settings you have chosen elsewhere.

Some warning text (such as "days conflicts total 9:00") always appear in a specific color (for example, red).

The currently selected (highlighted) item on views is indicated by its text and background hues temporarily changing to the opposite colors on the color wheel.


Other ways to color code items in TimeTo™:

Projects: You can also color code items in TimeTo by using Projects: when you assign a project to an item, the item's title color does not change. Instead, in the column preceding the title column, a black-outlined rectangle filled with the color of the Project the item is assigned to appears (if the item's Project is "none", the rectangle is white). You can click on the rectangle to view the list of projects and also change the project assignment for the item directly. (pro mode only)

Expected Returns: If you have Expected Returns Active checked in Other Settings, a rectangle appears in the next position if the item has an Expected Return whose color indicates the relative Expected Return/Hour of the item: the higher the expected return, the darker the color. (pro mode only)


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