New Memo Item (pro mode only)

Create memos (more formally known as "memo items", since they are actually a kind of item) by choosing New Memo Item from the Insert menu (or press Alt+Insert).

A memo is a special item that has no begin time and no duration. It is a reminder that will appear at the top of day views on the date it is assigned to. The word "memo" appears where the Begin Time usually appears. You can give memos their own color scheme in Color Settings (from the Settings menu), to help set them apart from other items on the view.

Since memos are items, they are included in counts of how many items there are in statistics and reports. However, you cannot change a memo item into a non-memo item or vice versa: a memo item is not the same as an item with a duration of zero minutes.

To create a new memo, choose the New Memo Item command from the Insert menu, or press Alt+Insert. When you create or edit a memo item, TimeTo™ presents a special memo item properties window rather than the usual item properties window, which is similar to the item properties window but with only fields relevant to memos (title, set date, note, project, underscored, recurring).

Memo items must always have a set date. They can have Notes and alarms, and they can recur (so you can easily set up a recurring memo that appears on a pattern of days as complex as the recurring feature will allow).

You can mark a memo item as done. If you do, and then view the item properties for the done item, the Duration appears as “memo”.


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