Print Priority View

Use the Print Priority View submenu (from the Print submenu of the File menu) to print lists of all undone non-recurring flexible-date items, in order of priority tier and rank. The content of printed priority views mirrors that of the Priority View. The submenu offers two options:

First Page : Prints the first pageful of the list only (because the full list can be quite long, as you may only be interested in the highest priority items).

All Pages: Prints the entire list.

If you would like to include Print Priority View in your My Printouts, check the Priority View checkbox in Printouts Settings.

Customizing Content and Appearance of Printed Priority View

There are other places in TimeTo™ where you can designate settings which will affect the content and appearance of your printed priority view:

Page Setup (from the File menu): allows you specify paper sizes, margins, centering, and two-up option, including presets for over 17 popular kinds of commercial day planners.

Printer Fonts submenu (from the Fonts Settings submenu of the Settings menu)

Include Private Items In Printouts in Printouts Settings (from the Settings menu)

Colors Settings (from the Settings menu)

The Filters command also affects what appears on Printouts, thus giving you a myriad of options for customizing the content of printed priority views.


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