Passwords Settings (pro mode only)

Use the Passwords Settings command to limit access by others to your schedule, either on your computer or over a network.

On a network, you can give other users the option to view and possibly create or edit items in your schedule (within password-protected rights you can choose to grant to others). To read about how other TimeTo™ users could view or change your schedule on a network, please read How To Use TimeTo On A Network.


You can have from zero to three passwords. Each password can be up to eight characters long. They are not case-sensitive (if you set it as "CAT" and someone types "cAt", they will still get in).

Your Password: If you set this password, you will require this password to open this schedule. If this schedule is the schedule which is launched when TimeTo™ is launched, you thus need the password to launch TimeTo™. You must set a Your Password if you wish to enable any of the other passwords.

Other Users View Only: If you set this password, you can give it to others who you would like to have the right to view your schedule, but not to modify it. Such users will also not be able to view private items.

Other Users Modify: If you set this password, you can give it to others who you would like to have the right to view and modify your schedule. Such users will still not be able to view or modify private items.


If you have password-protected your schedule and someone without any password for it tries to view it, the schedule will simply appear blank.

Encrypt Notes:
Check this checkbox to have the notes files (which are stored as plain text files in the Notes folder of the TimeTo™ folder) encrypted so that they can only be read from within TimeTo™.

About Private Items

The Private command (from the Item Properties submenu of the Edit menu, or press Alt+F3) toggles an item as "Private" or not. New items are not private. If you have protected your schedule with a password, the titles of private items are only viewable if your password has been entered (thus someone who access your schedule based on the above rights can still not view your private items: they will see that there is an item scheduled (and its duration) but cannot view or modify its title.

Private items have the vertical line character | as the first character in their title. You can alternately change the private setting of any item by adding or removing this vertical bar.

Tips on safely sharing your schedule with others

Tip: To make sure your schedule isn't altered by others while you are altering it away from the network (for instance, if you have left the office and taken your schedule with you on another device), Check Out your schedule with the Transfer to Other PC command (from the File menu).


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