Make This Schedule The One Open At Launch (pro mode only)

TimeTo™ always open a particular schedule when launched. If TimeTo™ is already launching your schedule when you launch TimeTo™, and there are no other schedules you are interested in, you'll never need to use this command. However, if you prefer TimeTo™ to open a different schedule upon launch that the one it is opening now, first use an Open Schedule command (from the Multiusers menu) to open a different schedule. You may now have more than one schedule open at once (in separate windows). Now, from the window of the desired schedule, choose this Make This Schedule The One Open At Launch to establish it as the one to be opened at launch.

Note: If you are regularly opening the TimeTo™ schedules of others in your organization, you can use the Multiusers menu to quickly access other schedules on a regular basis.

Technical tip: When you use this command, the name of the folder containing the timedata.pak schedule file that gets opened when you launch TimeTo (and its related files and folders) is stored in a text file called redirect.txt located in your TimeTo folder (the folder containing TimeTo.exe). So alternatively you can edit (or create) this text file to identify where the default timedata.pak and its related files and folders are located if that folder is not the folder that contains the TimeTo.exe file.

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