Open Schedule (And Add It To Multiusers Menu)

You may never find a need to use the Open Schedule command: most users only use one schedule ever. (In TimeTo™, when we talk about a schedule, we are referring the entire schedule for one person including all their past and future days.) For an overview as to how and why you would want to use TimeTo™ with more than one user, please read the How To Use TimeTo™ For More Than One User help topic.

If you should ever want to open a different schedule (because you are using TimeTo™ in a multiuser environment, because you wish to experiment with a copy of a schedule for practise, because you wish to share access to schedules in a workgroup, or because you are actually both Clark Kent and Superman), use the Open Schedule command to open a different schedule (and automatically have it added to those listed on the Multiusers menu for quicker access in the future). The schedule would be a timedata.pak file located in a different folder, drive, or elsewhere on your network.

Note: There are several ways to setup TimeTo™ for multiple users. To consider all your options before proceeding with this approach, read How To Use TimeTo™ with more than one user .

How to open a schedule (and add it to your Multiusers menu):

  1. If TimeTo™ has not yet been installed for the desired user, run the TimeTo™ installer, specifying a new destination folder different from where any other TimeTo™ is already installed. (Alternatively, if you would like to start with a copy of an existing schedule, you can instead use the Backup command from TimeTo's file menu to copy an existing schedule and its related files to the folder of your choice.)
  2. Choose the Open Schedule command.
  3. In the Open dialog that appears, navigate to the timedata.pak file within the folder where the desired user's TimeTo schedule information is installed.

When you open a schedule, it becomes the one you are viewing.

You can add up to ten most recently opened schedules to the Multiusers menu (that doesn't mean you can't access more than ten users: if you have more than ten, you'll simply select the others via the Open Schedule command or through the Choose Schedule From User List command on the Multiusers menu, depending upon your multiuser setup). If you already have ten, and you add another, it will replace one of the ten already there.

To change which schedule is open when you launch TimeTo™,
select or open that schedule, then choose the Make This Schedule The One Open At Launch command (from the File menu).

Tip: If you ever need to know the name and location of the computer file in which the schedule you are viewing is stored, simply switch to the window that displays that schedule and choose About (from the Help menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+N). The Schedule filename and path appear amongst the displayed statistics. This is helpful when the User Name for a schedule is ambiguous or there is some confusion as to what version of a file you are viewing.



"P:\Program Files is not accessible. Access is denied."
If you see a dialog showing this error message, this indicates that the folder you are trying to navigate to is not a folder that you have rights to access. Contact your network administrator to arrange access, or if you have rights to do so then go to that computer, use Windows Explorer to locate the folder, right-click, choose Sharing & Security, then check the Share This Folder On The Network checkbox. If you also intend to allow other TimeTo users to make changes to this schedule, then also check the Allow Network Users To Change My Files checkbox.

The folder you would typically seek to set Sharing & Security on would be folder "\Program Files (x86)\TimeTo" (or, if the operating system is the 32-bit version of Windows 7, the 32-bit version of Windows Vista, or Windows XP then instead "\Program Files\TimeTo"). Note that even if you have set the TimeTo folder to be shared, when you are navigating to that folder when using the Open Schedule command, you may see this error message when you click on "Program Files" in the file chooser dialog: this is because you have shared the TimeTo folder but not the "Program Files" folder. The trick is to type "\Program Files (x86)\TimeTo" (or "\Program Files\TimeTo") in the File Name field of the chooser dialog... or alternatively you can set the entire Program Files folder to be shared.


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