Private (pro mode only)

Use the Private command (from the Item Properties submenu of the Edit menu, or press Alt+F3) when in any view, to toggle the highlighted item to become private (or no longer private).

New items start off as not private. If you have protected your schedule with a password (set in Passwords Settings), the titles of private items are only viewable to others viewing your schedule who have entered the password (thus someone who has access to your schedule based on the above rights can still not view your private items: they will see that there is an item scheduled (and its Duration) but cannot view or modify its title.

You also have the option (using the Include Private Items In Printouts checkbox in Printouts Settings) to designate whether printouts include private items or not. Therefore, you can also use the private attribute as a handy way of defeating certain items from appearing on printouts: for instance, you make wish to mark recurring items private that are in your schedule for mechanical reasons (for instance, to launch a particular task at a particular time) that you'd rather not have cluttering up your printouts.

Private items have the exclamation mark (!) as the first character in their Title. Therefore, another way of changing the private setting of any item is to simply add or remove this vertical bar when editing an item's Title.


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