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Use the Open Schedule For command to open a different schedule (because you are using TimeTo™ in a multiuser environment and want to view or change someone else's schedule, because you wish to play with some sample data, or because you are actually both Clark Kent and Superman). This would typically be a timedata.pak file located in a different folder, drive, or elsewhere on your network. For an overview as to the how and why you would want to use TimeTo™ with more than one user, please read the How To Use TimeTo™ For More Than One User help topic.

Your Multiusers menu can have up to ten Open Schedule For commands.

If the schedule you wish to open doesn't yet appear as an Open Schedule For command, then either:

Choose the Open Schedule For command that names the user whose schedule you wish to open. This will result in more that one schedule window being open at the same time (you can have many). You can then switch amongst open schedules with the Switch To Schedule For commands (from the Multiusers menu).


To close a schedule, choose the Close This Schedule command from the File menu (if you close the last schedule window, you will exit TimeTo™ as well. To close all the schedule windows at once, simply exit TimeTo by choosing the Exit TimeTo command from the File menu.

To change which schedule is open when you launch TimeTo™,
select the window of that schedule, then choose the Make This Schedule The One Open At Launch command (from the File menu).

Tip: If you ever need to know the name and location of the computer file in which the schedule you are viewing is stored, simply switch to the window that displays that schedule and choose About (from the Help menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+N). The filename and path will appear. This is helpful when the User Name for a schedule is ambiguous or there is some confusion as to what version of a file you are viewing.



"Unable to access folder c:\Program Files\TimeTo within which the schedule for that user is supposed to be located."

If you see an error message of this nature, this indicates that the folder where TimeTo most recently knew that the schedule for that user resided is not currently available. This could be because someone has moved or deleted that folder, or on a network it may indicate that you are not connected to the computer where that folder resides or that you don't have access privileges to that computer or folder.


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