Start/Unstart (pro mode only)

Use the Start command (from the Edit menu, or press F5, or click the Start button on the toolbar) to start a timer on the highlighted item, indicating that you have begun performing the item.

Once an item has been started, an indication of how much time has elapsed since the item was started appears to the left of the item's duration on the Day View and multiple day views (for example, an item with a planned duration of ":20" will show "(:03<:20)" three minutes after being started). Split items that have been started look like this: "(:04<:10/:20)".


Multiple started items: You can start other items while another is still elapsing: they will all simply elapse simultaneously.

Changing item properties after starting: Once an item is started, you can still change its properties, including its planned duration.

Unstart: To Unstart any started item, highlight the item and press F5 again.

Automatic starts: To automatically start items when their begin time arrives, or to have the start of an item result in the launching of any Web site, program or file, use triggers.

Launching a Countdown Timer when Starting an Item: If you'd like to Start an item and also launch a Countdown Timer equal to the item's duration, choose the Start With Countdown Timer command instead.

Filling gap preceding item: To start an item and have its begin time and elapsed time altered to include all the time since the most recent Done item on your schedule, choose the Start & Fill Gap Since Last Done command (Alt+F5) instead of Start. This approach is useful when having your entire day's time accounted for is important to you, and you didn't remember to start the item in TimeTo when you actually started in real life. (If you wish to fill the gap and proceed directly to marking the item Done without even starting it first, choose the Done & Fill Gap command instead).

Pausing: Use the Interrupt command (or press the Pause key) to pause work on items that have already been started, record the interruption, and then continue the original activity.

Starting Done Items: If you restart a Done item, highlight it and then Start it, the Done item will remain marked as done however a duplicate item will be created and started at the current time. Using this technique thus results in having a a record of the multiple time segments that you worked on the task.

You can edit the Begin Times of non-split started items.

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