Sequenced (pro mode only)

Use the Sequenced command (from the Item Properties submenu of the Edit menu, or F4) when in the Priority View to toggle the highlighted item to be sequenced or unsequenced. Sequencing items is a clever way of establishing dependencies between flexible-date items, where one item should not be scheduled until after another flexible-date item's planned or actual end time.

The command is only available in Priority View because the sequencing is based upon the item immediately preceding it in rank, which is difficult to see from any other view.

Tip: If you would like establish such dependencies based on the end time of an item with a Set Date instead, then use the Prerequisite feature instead. (For a comparison of Sequenced and Prerequisites, see below).

A checkmark to the left of the Sequenced command (on the Item Properties submenu) indicates the item is Sequenced.

A carat “^” appears to the left of the item's title in the Priority View if the item is Sequenced.

When an item is sequenced, the Balance All Days command will then schedule the task such that its begin time will never be earlier than the end time of the item which holds the immediately-preceding priority ranking.

Thus, if you have a series of items for which you wish that each be not scheduled until after the completion time of the one before it, switch to Priority View, arrange the series of tasks to immediately follow one another in the priority ranking (the easiest way is to drag-and-drop them into the desired order), then press F4 on every item to be sequenced (i.e. every item except the first one in the series).

Note: If the Expected Returns Active feature is enabled (in Other Settings), the Ranks of Priority A items can shift due to changes in Expected Return or Durations, and this can disrupt Sequences you have carefully set up. Therefore, if you make changes to these properties of Tier A items, you may have to manually reset a sequence. In such a case, TimeTo will warn you of this danger; however better yet, if Expected Returns Active then we recommend avoiding sequencing Tier A items, as it doesn't make that much sense to be sequencing items which are ranked by Expected Return/Hour anyhow.

Contrasting Sequenced Items and Prerequisites

Items with prerequisites:

Sequenced items:


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