Balance Day (pro mode only)

Use the Balance Day command (from the Balance menu, or press Alt+F11, or click the Balance Day icon on the toolbar) to have TimeTo™ quickly reshuffle today's schedule, if necessary, in an attempt to eliminate conflicts.

This features rearranges the items on today's schedule to make the best use of your time, by eliminating conflicts, taking into account the earliest begin and latest end times for fluid items, as well as the priority ranking of all flexible-date items. TimeTo™ will reflow the flexible items while leaving the items with Set Dates alone.

You can either select Balance Day whenever you wish or you can set TimeTo™ to Balance Day automatically (by clicking the Balance Day Every x Minutes option in Other Settings).

The more items to which you assign fluid times rather than set start times the more liberty TimeTo™ will have to optimally balance your day.

Note that Balance Day only affects items already on the viewed day. If you would like your entire schedule recalculated, choose the Balance All Days command which balances all days including today.

Tip: if it is not appropriate for you that recurring items tend to move to the top of a given day's list, you can assign priority to recurring items by doing the following:

  1. Temporarily uncheck the Recurring checkbox of the recurring item.
  2. Set the relative priority (Tier and Rank) to assign to all occurences.
  3. Click Flexible Date and then set the Deadline to today's date.
  4. Check the Recurring checkbox again.
  5. In Recurring properties, check the Date Becomes Flexible Upon Arrival checkbox.


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