New Work Holiday Memo Item (pro mode only)

Choose the New Work Holiday Memo Item command (from the Insert menu, or press Alt+Shift+Insert) to add a memo reminding you of a day that you have a holiday from work. The new item defaults to recurring annually, however you can change the recurring properties as you see fit.

Any day that has a work holiday memo item is a Keep Clear Day, avoided by Balance All Days (which means that Balance All Days won't leave any flexible-dated non-recurring items on the day unless the item has its After Work Hours checkbox checked. Since new work holiday memos are typically set as recurring, this means you can easily keep work items from being scheduled on a recurring holiday (such as December 25 each year).

Items that have their After Work Hours checkbox checked will potentially be scheduled at any time of day on a work holiday, rather than being constricted to follow the Work Hours Ends time set in your Work Hours Settings.

Tip: This feature is intended to mark holidays from your work, as opposed to reminders about holidays that you don't celebrate by not working but that you still wish to be reminded of. For reminders of holidays where you still work, instead of using New Work Holiday Memo Item you should create a regular recurring item for the holiday (such as an anniversary memo item).

Like other memo items, a work holiday memo has no begin time and no duration.

When a work holiday memo appears in your schedule, the word "holiday" appears at its left (where "memo" would usually appear). As well, the heading for any date that includes work holidays will show its date in green and also include the phrase "WORK HOLIDAY" in the statistics line.

When you create or edit a work holiday memo item, TimeTo™ presents a special memo item properties window specifically for work holiday memo items. This dialog differs from the one used for normal memo items with this field:

Date: Specify the date of the event in any year. (You can specify the year of, for example, a birth or anniversary, as long as the date is not before 1986, as TimeTo™ cannot store dates earlier than 1986.)


Tip: If you'd like a reminder every day for so many days in advance of the work holiday ever year (to help remind you send a card or plan an event), click the Alarm button in the items properties and then set Daily Reminders On Other Days to the number days warning you'd like.


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