Delete Item (or Project in pro mode)

Use the Delete command (from the Edit menu, press Del, or click the Delete icon on the toolbar) to delete the highlighted item or project from any view.

TimeTo will ask you to confirm, especially warning you about deleting any attached Note as well.

If you Delete a recurring item, only the one instance is deleted. If you wish to delete all recurrences of an recurring item, choose the Delete All ®ecurrences command (from the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+Delete) instead.

If you Delete a project, any items that are currently have their Project setting set to the deleted project will now have a Project setting of "none".


If you wish to cut and paste an item from one schedule to another, choose the Cut command instead, then Paste into the other schedule.

If you wish to Delete an item or project and have its title cut to the clipboard for potentially pasting elsewhere, choose the Cut command (from the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+X) instead.

To delete all sample and lesson items, choose Delete Sample & Lesson Items (from the Edit menu) instead.

If you accidentally delete an item or project, choose Undelete (from the Edit menu) to restore it, as well as its Note. If you deleted several times, you can undelete many items or projects in a row, starting with the most recent deletion.


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