Appointment (pro mode only)

TimeTo™ considers an item to be an appointment item if it has a Set Start Time. Choose the Appointment command (from the Edit Properties submenu of the Edit menu, or press Alt+F2) to change the highlighted item on any Day View or multiple day view that is not an appointment item to being an appointment item, and vice versa.

Once an item has a Set Start Time, it stays fixed in place in the schedule: it no longer is a candidate for balancing by the Balance All Days or Balance Day commands.


When you use this command on an item that was not an appointment command, TimeTo™ changes the Set Start Time field from being blank to having a Set Start Time of the time of day that the item was currently scheduled in your schedule. As well, since appointments must occur on a particular date, if the item had a Flexible Date, TimeTo™ changes it to a Set Date, being the date that the item was scheduled upon. A checkmark now appears next to the Appointment command. (If you would like more control over the Set Start Time, either Modify Item the item and specify the time you wish in the Set Start Time field, or use the Alt+UpArrow and Alt+DownArrow keys to change the Set Start Time from its assigned time to the Set Start Time you'd like the appointment item to have).

When you use this command on an item that was already an appointment, TimeTo™ blanks the Set Start Time field (thus re-enabling the Earliest Begin and Latest End times, if the item previous had such settings), and changes the item back to having a Flexible Date if it previously had a Flexible Date (thus re-enabling the Earliest Begin and Deadline date fields if they were not blank).


You can achieve the same results by opening the Edit Properties windows of any item and editing the Set Start Time field.

A checkmark to the left of the Appointment command indicates the item's present status (a checkmark indicates a Set Start Time, no checkmark indicates a blank Set Start Time).


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