Print Underscored Items List (pro mode only)

Use the Print Underscored Items List command (from the Print submenu of the File menu) to print a list of all items with the Underscored property checked.

The list does not include notes.


Customizing Content and Appearance of the Underscored Items List

There are places in TimeTo™ where you can designate settings which will affect the content and appearance of the Underscored Items List:

Printouts Settings (from the Settings menu): specify whether the list should appear in Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Page Setup (from the File menu): allows you specify paper sizes, margins, centering, and two-up option, including presets for over 17 popular kinds of commercial day planners

Printer Fonts submenu (from the Fonts Settings submenu of the Settings menu)

Colors Settings (from the Settings menu)


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