New Birthday Memo Item (pro mode only)

Choose the New Birthday Memo Item command (from the Insert menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+Insert) to add an annual memo reminding you of a birthday of someone in your life.

Like other memo items, the birthday memo has no begin time and no duration.

Tip: In the Title, maintain a history of what gifts you've given each year.


When you create or edit a birthday memo item, TimeTo™ presents a special memo item properties window specifically for annual memo items. This dialog differs from the one used for normal memo items with these fields:

Date: Specify the date of the birthday in any year. (You can specify the year the person was born, as long as the date is not before 1986, as TimeTo™ cannot store dates earlier than 1986.)


Tip: Use the {Count Up} variable in the title of a birthday memo item to keep track of which year is being celebrated. For example, if you set the Date to this year's occurence of the birthday and this year is the 20th birthday, and you type the title as "John celebrates birthday {count up 20} today!", then on the date the title will appear in views as "John celebrates birthday 20 today!", next year it will show "John celebrates birthday 21 today!" and so on. Furthermore, since {Count Up} with a number counts from the Date, if you have set the Date field to the birthdate in the year of birth, then you can simply say {Count Up} in the title and TimeTo will correctly show the correct count automatically.

Tip: If you'd like a reminder every day for so many days in advance of the birthday ever year (to help remind you send a card or plan an event), click the Alarm button and then set Daily Reminders On Other Days to the number of days warning you'd like.


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