Lighten Load (pro mode only)

Choose the Lighten Load commands (from the Balance menu, or Shift+Alt+DownArrow and Shift+Ctrl+DownArrow) to manually push items off of today's plan and into the future.

Each time you choose the Lighten Load command (and we strongly urge you to learn the shortcut keys, since you may wish to do this several times in succession), TimeTo™ chooses one item to move from the viewed day to the following day, assuming there are items that qualify. In order to qualify, an item must:

When you are seeking to lighten your load, choose one of these flavors of the command:

If you are under a period of tight deadlines that you anticipate will last for days, you may wish to choose By Urgency until the crunch is over, so that you are handling items whose deadlines are closest, not just today but tomorrow as well. Otherwise, you'll be doing a better job of fulfilling your mission by choosing By Priority.

How does TimeTo™ choose? When more than one candidate exists, TimeTo™ first moves items who shouldn't be on the curent date in the first place (due to a recently edited Prerequisite, Sequence, of Earliest Begin Date that has not yet been resolved). If By Urgency, TimeTo™ next chooses the items with no deadline, followed by those whose deadlines are furthest in the future. When deadlines are equal or if you chose By Priority, TimeTo™ will next choose the candidate of the least important priority (so first by Tier, then by Rank). If no candidates exist, TimeTo™ will tell you that rather than move an item.


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