Value of Time Settings (pro mode only)

Use this command to help plan your fees. Specify a Billable Hours A Workday Goal and an Hourly Rate, then click Calculate to view the resulting income you would earn in a day, a 5-day workweek, a 20-day workmonth, and a 48-week workyear. The calculation is based on normal work days, not calendar days.

The suggested Billable Hours A Workday Goal is based on the length of your workday (as specified in Work Hours Settings).

The Hourly Rate you specify is store and used by the Show Value Of Billable Time feature (if enabled in Other Settings), by the Expected Returns Active feature (if enabled in Other Settings), and by the Expected Return feature on the New Item window.

You can also compute the value of TimeTo™ in time savings: type the number of hours you feel TimeTo™ is saving you each day in the Billable Hours field, and you will quickly see how much TimeTo™ is worth to you a year (just in saved time, not to mention the value of getting everything done!).


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