Send TimeTo To System Tray

Use the Send TimeTo To System Tray command (from the File menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+S) to send TimeTo to the Windows system tray.

The Ctrl+Shift+S shortcut will work even when the File menu is not available.

Once sent to the system tray, you can click the icon in the system tray to restore TimeTo™. You can also right-click the icon to yield a menu of choices:

Restore TimeTo: Reverse putting TimeTo™ to the system tray.

New Item: Identical to choosing the New Item command from within TimeTo™, without having to restore TimeTo first.

Close This TimeTo Schedule: Restores TimeTo™ and Close This Schedule. If you only have one schedule open (which for many users will be the only way they will ever use TimeTo™), then choosing Close This Schedule will also Exit TimeTo™.


Tip: If you prefer to have an additional button in the upper right corner of TimeTo, or any other Windows application, that can send it to the system tray, you may wish to use the product Actual Window Minimizer, from Actual Tools at . Actual Tools offers a 10% discount to TimeTo users for their product. To get the discount, go to this special page on their site: .


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