How To Quickly Add New Items To Deal With Later

You are in the middle of one thing, when you have a flash of insight or a brand new idea about something completely unrelated. You don't want to become distracted from what you are doing, but you don't want to lose this potentially valuable thought either. How can you quickly collect in into TimeTo™, so that you can deal with it at a later time, without cluttering your TimeTo™ schedule?

Here's one recommended technique:

First, make sure you are in Pro Mode (from the Settings menu).
Also, make sure your New Item Preferences (from the Settings menu) has Date set to Flexible, Deadline set to blank, and Priority Tier set to blank.

Now each time you add a new item to TimeTo, it will default to:
- having a Priority marked "new", so these new unclassified items will appear at the top of your Priority View (to remind you to assign priorities to them)
- having a flexible date with no deadline, so that Balance All Days is unlikely to put them on today's view and thus avoid cluttering your schedule

When you are ready to do your next actions on such thoughts (which is to brainstorm steps and then to choose its next action) you can find specific ones through a keyword search, or find them all together at the top of the Priority View.

Tip: if you are pressed for time, you can quickly add such new items that are already noted in another application by simply choosing Paste from the Edit menu in any schedule view: TimeTo™ will then automatically create a new item. For instance, if the new item is the subject of an incoming e-mail (possibly sent to your e-mail program's in box as a flash of genius from your own mobile phone), simply Copy (Ctrl+C) in the e-mail program, then Paste (Ctrl+V) into TimeTo™.


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