Lower Priority (pro mode only)

Choose the Lower Priority command (from the Balance menu, or press Alt+DownArrow) to reduce the Priority of any highlighted flexible-date item by one rank (if you have enabled Expected Returns Active in Other Settings and the item is of Tier A, then the Expected Return is decreased by one dollar rather than the Rank being increased by one).

Each time you choose the Lower Priority command (and we strongly urge you to learn the shortcut keys, since you may wish to do this several times in succession), TimeTo™ changes the Rank number of the item to next higher number (for example, from 20 to 21). If no other item of that Tier has a Rank that high, then the priority instead changes to the lowest priority of the next Tier instead (for example, from B20 to C1 if there was no B21). For a fuller understanding of Priority, Tier, and Rank, please read about Priority in the New Item help topic.

No two items are ever allowed to have the same priority (there are no ties!) and so whenever you lower the priority of an item, TimeTo™ assigns the item that previously had that priority the vacated higher priority. For instance, if you move B3 to priority B4, then the item that was B4 automatically becomes priority B3. (Therefore, Lower Priority has no effect on the lowest priority item of all your items, since there is no item to trade priority with.)

If you have enabled Expected Returns Active in Other Settings, and the item is of Tier A, then instead of Lower Priority incrementing the Rank, Lower Priority decreases the Expected Return of the item by 1. Since Tier A items have their rank determined by their relative Expected Return/Hour, the Rank may or may not change as a result of the decrease in Expected Return. For a fuller understanding of Expected Return and how it interacts with Priority, please read more about Expected Return in the New Item help topic.

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