Items Report (pro mode only)

Use the Items Report to generate a report of items, both done and undone, over a date range of your choice, potentially selected by project. Some users use this report to help develop invoices or time reports from their clients.

The Items Report shows the date, start time, end time, duration, Job #, item title, and Project of each item. The fields are tab-delimited (meaning there is a tab character separating each data item) for easy import into other software, such as Microsoft Excel.

You will find the resulting report stored in a text file called ItemReport1.txt (if ItemReport1.txt already exists, then the report is called ItemReport2.txt, and so on) in your TimeTo folder.

Date Range: Specify the date range of items to include in the report.

Include Items For This Project Only: You can choose to only include items whose Project field is set to a particular project. If you set Include Items For This Project Only to "all", the report also includes items where Project is set to "none".


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